Monday, February 25, 2008

Starting Your Day the RIGHT Way.

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Wakey wakeyyy....The morning's the most important time of the day -yo ! Why? - Cuz it can easily set the mood for the rest of your day - duh !

Lotsa reasons for this. One of the most significant is that it is much easier (scientifically, almost 25 times easier) to develop short term viewpoints upon first waking up. When you first awaken, your mind is most open – and what you put in it will stay in it, until at least the end of the day. It is for this reason that often, if you are awakened by a sound or a song, you may be able to easily recall it again and again throughout the day (even if it’s a song you cannot stand!). get it??

That being said, it is absolutely critical that you start your day off on the “right side of the bed.” I mean any negative thoughts you have will shape your subconscious for the entire day.

Ok lets say you wake up and say “Sh*t… today’s gonna suck…”, then IT WILL SUCK! There’s a lot to it, but the point of me writing this is to give you a list of tips to start your day off the right way… so back on track.

1. Initial Wakeup
GET UP! FAST! When you wake up, get out of bed as fast as you can! (without sending yourself into cardiac arrest, of course.) Waste no time in getting up. The best cure for procrastination is action – so just force yourself to get up.. no laziness here! …and wallah! - Problem solved! Jumping out of bed will spike your metabolism, and will end all thoughts of “just lying there” a little bit more. As an added bonus, I put my alarm clock on the other side of the room – forcing me to jump out of bed and go turn it off… and once I’m out, I stay out! yep true.

2. Light
The power of light is severely underestimated by most people. How? It has profound effects upon body chemistry and energy levels. Trust me I'm tellin ya. They say ver 200 processes are controlled by the level of and type of light that you receive, including heart rate, digestion, appetite and thirst, fluid balance, stress level, emotions, immunity, hunger, energy, blood pressure, body temperature, physical strength, reaction times, sexual appetite, urine production and brain balance – just to name a few....believe it???? Believe It - It's true !!
Bright, natural light is ideal for bringing the most energy to all these systems.
So, the sooner you turn on the lights, or open the blinds preferably, the sooner your body’s systems will increase their energy levels. The longer you keep it dark, the harder it will be to wake up – that simple.

3. Fresh Air
Open the window. No matter what season it is. Open the window… even if it is just a crack. Your bedroom has sat stagnant all night, void of fresh air, especially if you leave your door closed as I do. You have lowered the oxygen level by rebreathing the same air in the room at night.

When you open the window (and the door preferably) you create a cross draft to bring in fresh air instantly raising your energy levels. And if it’s cold outside, it will have even more of an effect – the cool, denser air will carry more oxygen, and the temperature alone will help you to awaken.

4. Music
Music is a huge part of my morning. Even if you are not musically motivated, music can shape your mornings. Turn on music as soon as you can after waking up. Make sure it is something positive and uplifting – chances are it may become stuck in your head for the rest of the day.
Oh n make sure you’re listening to something that pulls you up… not down.

5. Food
Start your morning off with a full glass of water n wait for 10 minutes before you eat anything else – This is essential. Toxins have been ejected from tissue and line your throat and mouth (thus, the foul morning breath) ahhh so now u know n remember - I told u .
If you have an empty stomach, the toxins will be flushed down, and pass out with your urine, with no food to absorb them
The subject of a healthy breakfast is obviously a lengthy subject, but I’ll be brief – this is wot my gym instructor told me. DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. They’re not lying when they say it’s the most important meal of the day. Your body has been starved for eight hours or more, and breakfast is crucial. Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism, actually helps you lose weight and stay lean if you chose the proper foods.
Make sure you eat some fruit, some protein, and some carbs. My typical weekend breakfast consists of an orange and three scrambled eggs… very basic, but quite healthy.
So now u know how important breakfast is.

6. Cold shower
Take a cold shower. This will not only wake you up fast, but it will expand and contract your pores to force out toxins and oils from the night. End the shower with a cold rinse – you want to be cold when you step out… it’s critical, as it will raise your metabolism, and keep it there. Try the cold shower thing for a week – you’ll notice a difference. A long, hot shower depresses your physiological systems and makes you want to go back to bed. A cold, invigorating shower will wake you up – fast. Try it.

7. Self-Talk
I'm sure you have never done this - atleast not as a morning routine. This I have learned frm some one I know peronally. So I'm sharing it under the belief that it works. I myself am in the process of trying it out.
Ok so, in the morning, you need to load yourself with as much positive mental programming as possible. Your mind is most receptive to it in the morning (and at night), and it will shape the rest of your day. So repeat and convince yourself of the fact that 'You can do it'. It not only works big time.

So thr u r - my tips n all... go - be a better human being u $###@^^ . Lol.

3 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

Anonymous said...

whew!!!!!!!!!! u got patience to type so much dude!


amy rocks;)

Vinisha said...


I am just confused about the light part. I go to sleep with the lights on. :P

Imp's Mom said...

cold shower = pins & needles and early in the morning is pure torture even in this bloody heat!

And for the longest time, my alarm clock used to be my music, set it to wake me up and the rest of the day was easy... not for my parents though who preferred I listen to bhajans instead of rock or pop :P... yes it was set really loud a/d to them!

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