Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to tell if a GHOST is standing next to you..

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If you :
-> are weak in the heart and use heart-beat control devices,
-> are readily superstitious,
-> are scared of the occult,
-> keep your loo door open for emergencies,
-> wear yellow pants when u talk about ghosts so the 'evidence' doesn't show...

I advice u to AVOID reading any further. This is not for you.

I have written The Bajus and The Woman that never was earlier that saw fictional horror. But this is different...and definitely scary. Why ?? Cuz this is NOT a story. It's as REAL as they come.

This is a collation of the reasons and explanations derived by people around the world who have Experienced the unknown...
Seen the occult...
Heard the supernatural...and...
Felt the touch
of the ones from the neither-world.

The facts of having experienced evil incarnate itself. Of the ones - that are more popularly known as.... The GHOSTS OF EARTH!!!

These people recently decided to enlighten the world of the basic, everyday instances that we, common folks pass off as "just one of those things" that keep happening with us on n' off.

They have reasoned on why these things happen. Science is unable to provide us with any definite answers since it cannot function without facts.
And therefore, the benefit of doubt most certainly goes to these explanations from the turned into research.... and to a certain extent...FACTS.

Now remember - these things happen with all of us, sometime or the other. We hardly ever pay any attention to these and never STOP for a minute to think of the reason why they may have happened in the first place.


Here are those things :-

Flickering of Lights: The dead have the ability to create electrical disturbances in order to get your attention. Of course, not every flicker is a ghost. Check the bulb, switch, or the fuse first. If everything seems fine and there is no other explanation.....u know you have company.

Appliances turn on/off: As I said before, Ghosts do have the ability to create electrical disturbances to get your attention and make you aware that they are there. If this is happening..u need immediate HELP.

Cold Chills: When you experience an awkward CHILL in an otherwise normal or warm weather, possibly someone from the world of dead is standing right next to you. Ghosts absorb heat, which is energy in movement, leaving a cold spot or a chill behind. It may be trying to communicate with you. Listen... if you're brave enough.

Pet Behavior: Animals have intense senses and are believed to be superior to humans in this context. It lets them know of the para-normal.
Odd behavior from a pet is a sign that a ghost(s) may be around. To see a Dog looking confused or looking in one straight direction and barking or growling repeatedly for no reason or if a cat starts refusing to go into certain parts of the house or acts like it's been shooed away from something / sign enough..... more so even of the exact location of the ghost. Some researchers have gone on record saying that animals can not only hear and feel but also SEE people after death.

Unexplained Fragrances: We have memories about how our deceased relatives or friends used to smell. If you happen to suddenly get a whiff of that perfume or any smell, for that matter suddenly, when no one is around....try and get out of that place and reach someone ALIVE - quick.

Moving / Missing Objects: Having missing items, such as books, jewelery, personal items are signs of communication from spirits.
Spirits are said to have the ability to move objects to get our attention or to send us a message. And if you happen to see the ACTUAL MOVEMENT, be sure that the message being given to you is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
Usually, your things appear in different places when you know you hadn't kept them there.

Apparitions: This means you can actually SEE the ghost in it's true FORM for a second or two. This has been known to happen in many parts of the world. Researchers claim apparitions as Real.
The most common apparitions are to see impressions on furniture or a bed as if someone is or was sitting there...etc. You DO NOT want to be there when you see it. RUN.

Voices / Sounds: This is the chilliest of them all. You may lightly hear your OWN NAME being called out of nowhere. Or hear sudden light laughter or chatter when no one is around or in sight. Hearing sounds, such as foot steps, doors opening/closing, music, voices, whispers, rapping, banging, or something being dropped are sure signs of ghosts around u. If you are ever experiencing this...GET OUT from there. You may just have moments to live.
There you go.
The end result of the research shows that occult need be believed. One would be lying to his ownself if he blames such repetitive occurrences to coincidence. It exists and the unexplainable does happen.

Science has no answers. But then...was Science ever meant to be absolute?? What's your take?

66 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

The.Good.Girl said...

I regret reading. I prefer not to know about these signs hehehe :] Great post. Had no choice but to read it till the end.

Anand said...

Good girl..........well, now u know. You are now left with no other option but to fight it out. Bring the wild cat inside you alive and have those killer nails ready...Lol.

Tanu Anand said...


PS: u asked for it! :P:P... but jee thanks! :D... me likes it too! hahaahah....

man..uve written so much.. i havent even read ur posts! sniff sniff. damn the so much work giving managers! grrrr@them! anyhow..will read sooner!

Anand said...

Tanu..............U gave it sooo readily. Now let's see wot u do when I ask for..uh...ur bank account no??? Lol.

nituscorner said...

ohh ur ghostly posts continues.....i dare not look at the picture too long less i get!!!

Anand said...

Nitu...... Jus lettin' my brothren know the truth...tas' all. Im innocent..really !!

10V said...

well...good job collecting research...

I dont believe in ghosts unless i actually experience it myself, however i donot deny their existence.

As far as experience is concerned..I had once seen a dim light go on and off in a bungalow that had no electricity...u think it was a ghost?? well...ask me ..i will tell u what happened next...

Anand said...

10V.........I Hope u don't get to experience it actually. Lights on n' ff in a bunglow that had no electricity?? Woooow.. Tell tell..plz tell..

Prats said...

Could have been more more funny. :-P

Nice post, bro really liked the images.

Anonymous said...

y do i always land up readin horror stuff in ur blog so late in d nite.... n d pictures... man.. dey so damn scary..

Anand said...

Anonymous.........always??? That's nice. I'd love to know who u r though.

Inspiration said...

One Question Anand... Do you like ghost? because i see you are in greatly love with them because you write about them.

Nicely narrated..

Yes i do believe them because my brother have experienced about the presence of ghost when he was working in Taj Gateway hotel which is believed that the taj building was constructed by demolishing the graveyard.

Sometime even i wanna experience those because i wanted to know from then why they wanna communicate to us and what was the reason that their soul didnt rest in peace.

Nice post, it made me think.. but the picture looks damn scary!!!!!


Andyy said...

Inspiration...J......... Well, I'm not a dark person so to speak. I jus happen to like telling stories and horror is one subject that's absolutely creative. So I go for it.
Besides, It's fun.

Sindhu :) said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

I would say - if a person has a proper understanding about life after death and is able to perceive things in the right way - stories about ghosts are not very scary. They are actually very engaging. Its surely not possible that we have a complete understanding about what happens... but still.. !

About the unexplained fragrances - you say when you get a whiff, you should get to somebody alive. But then, if the whiff is from a dear person that you lost, and like you said - they are trying to communicate with you - doesn't it make more sense to stay and see what they are trying to tell us? Just a question.. thats it!

Nautankey said...

Seriously I regret stepping in here.Next time the tube light flickers I wud be like "Hi grandma" :D
Good one..but again its pretty subjective. I don't believe in ghosts,just believe in myself :P. I love spirits though,the ones which come in bottles and are served with ice cubes:)

Andy said...

@Sindhu..........They r engaging. U said it.

Well, if the wiff is from someone dear..U might wanna can u be sure ur loved one was the ONLY one who used to wear that p'ticuar perfume brand?? Food for thot?

Andy said...

@Nautankey........... Lol. The spirits that come in bottles. The ones that u can BUY u mean.. Hahaaa..
Gud one there. U def hv a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Your ghost of Iqra actually moved and I moved back too. Haha. But nice trick. I liked it a lot. How did you do it?
I belive in spirits. No experience yet but if one does happen, I will let you know for sure.

Keep it up. Neat Blog.

Vee said...

What's this fascination with ghost, eh???? Must be a one hell of a story... Share it sometime how it all started.. :)

Andy said...

Anonymous.........Lemme know fr sure if u come across a ghost. And thats no trick. A real ghost seems to hv come into that pic.

Andy said...

Vee......... Romeo dude, really IS a fascination of sort. I will share it sometime.. U got that, chum !!

avdi said...

You could even have a poll on all the ghosts to check who had the best makeup on.

Ever seen a movie called Jangal me Mangal? It was awesome.

Andy said...

Hey Avdi(Pinkbee)..... Lol. Glad you found the ghosts cute. A diff take. Hope u don't bump into one ever. If u ever do, I can lay a safe bet, U wont be analying it's makeup. :-)

Andy said...

Avdi............oh yea..not a bad idea - the poll thing u know.. Hmmmmm, Ill think bout it.

Jungle main mangal..ummm nahhh.. I wonder how I cud hv missed it. I'm a huge Ramsay brother's fan. They make it so real.

Imp's Mom said...

Great Post I must say... you certainly have done a lot of research.. :)

The pet behavior, you have to meet my dog, he does that all the time, esp during the day - he's hunting for of his fav timepass

Moving/ Missing Objects, have a toddler at home...and it will happen all the time!


And I do believe in spirits, growing up a grand pa of mine would recount tales of the ghosts he encountered during his rally days! Dont think they were true though...but your posts made me nostalgic of all those summer nights of scaring our younger cousins with ghost stories :) damn i miss those days!

Andy said...

Imppieeee...........Ur one of those who's comments I love to read.
Well, now let's see...
pets - check..
Toddler - check..

A hell lotta other things remain. Lol. Be wary.
No, one shudn't be scared of ghosts. IF ur not.. I'm proud of u.

Oh and btw...we have something in common...I'm a regular story teller in my vicinity myself. Koool

tinkerbell said...

whoa!! y does the ghost have a name so close to mine-isra!!!
some spooky tit bits!!! great post.. love your blog.. tc

10V said...

Ok..after a loong wait...the suspence unfolds...

This is an incident when all of our group ppl from office went to a bungalow in lonavla for overnight...We decided to have a campfire since there was no power from the time we reached there and wasnt expected back till next day evening (load shedding Zindabad). Suddenly @ about 3:00 in the night, some of us saw a light turn on and off on the first floor of the bungalow. Noone was on that floor since all of us were enjoying campfire.

After 2-3 hours of anxiety and scare amongst the girl group...we found out...that the boy gang was playing mischief on the girl gang and had kept a mobile in the window. They were calling the mobile from downstairs and that when the light used to flicker. Amazingly, it was a powerful light to scare the hell out of the girl gang...hahahah

Andy said...

Tanvi.............. Hahaaaaha. Nice... But I gotta say, man, THAT was Brilliant - The prank. I'm gonna be using this one for sure.
Girls...where r thee girls.....Lol.

Hye Tanvi, Thanx for sharing that. It was fun reading it. :-)

Andy said...

Tinkerbell (Isra)................ I think ur name is very pretty. Glad the ghost was an alphabet away..q R s. Saved..

ARUNA said...

thanks for ruining my day.......i'm all alone at home now! U did a hell lot of research on this i guess! Unfortunately i believe in both god n ghost...............pls save me god!!! And those r some scary!

Andy said...

Aruna............... Lol. My apologies. But if you got mission accomplished.
Hell yeah....

avdi said...

Andy, I left a long msg for you on my blog.

Jangal mein Mangal was a fun movie with a ghost that has to be seen to be believed !

Andy said...

Avdi...Got ur message. Jungle main mangal...damn..I'll hv to really motivate meself to watch it...given the title. Can't I jus watch cheap porn and be done with it? no??

Sakshi said...

It's 3 after midnight here and what do you call when a sleepless soul is reading ur blog sitting next to you?? Guess its Yakshi,,da da da...did I scare u enough?? Duhh!! what the hell am I doing at such an unearthly hour reading ghost stories when good gals like me should be in bed!! Now you are gonna give me nightmares for sure yet will be back haunting your blog again and again...

java junkie said...

whts wit the ghost they fascinate you ?whts the story ?? as for me i never had any ghostly experiences n m not looking forward to

Andy said...

Sakshi..............Honest..U sacred me. Unfortunately, my reaction was silghtly different. I cudn't stop laughing. Im wierd.

Good gals shud be in bed...did u say?? Uhh...OKAY...if u say so. NO arguments there. Lol.

And hey, don't be scared of ghosts...they don't bother if u run fast. Lol.
Thanx for comin' here.....ur welcome, u know that.

Andy said...

Java Junkie......First of all, I love ur nick (Java Junkie). It's kool.

More than ghosts, the occult interests me. But I dont bother goin deep into it. Jus's an interesting topic and i love scaring the shit out of ppl. :-)

Ohh plz share ur experiences.. I'd really love to know.. Infact, why don't u write it down and give me an opportunity to showcase it in the blog here???

Andy said...

Avdi.........Yea???? Drop dead?? Hmm.. porn cancelled..'Jungle main Mangal' is ON. I'll try and get the dvd soon. :-)

Imp's Mom said...

ahhh, toddler at home, yours?

Nah I'm not scared of ghosts, are you? And I'm a Gemini too ;-)

Anand said...

Toddler at home?? Nahhhh...unless u consider me as one.

I'm not scared of em but I do belive in the para-normal.

A Gemini..........High-five..yeah !! Lol.

Nivedita said...

So filmy...I totally enjoyed the narations...'the woman that never was'...well narated...hey AB...thanx a bunch for coming by my blog...leaving such gr8 comments on my work...I'm totally flattered :))
Though I need to warn...I'm as weird as my work you might wanna' re-think on that bit :))LOL


Anand said...

Not scared?? Hmmm. One of the brave hearts then.

Ur horror urself?? Ahh then U must hv felt quite hme, eh?? Hahaa.

Anonymous said...

why do u make it seem tht ghosts want to hurt us? by saying tht if we smell a smell we recognise wiht somebody we lost or see an apparation we have to run. Ive hada ghost with me for years and ppl always sense it with me it isnt nice according to most and influences my thinking, i can always sense it and its never hurt me or anybody and i doubt it would.

Anand said...

HI Anonymous, wish u had written your name.

Well...generally ghosts wanna hurt ppl, don't they? Atleast scare the shitty poo out of ppl.

U've had a ghost living with u? For years?? Man, Id love to know about it. Would love fr you to share this experience...if u don't mind that is.

Anand said...

Hey Comment no 54 Anonymous - It sure is freaky, aint it? Cuz it's all real.

ankita mehta said...

Nicely jotted piece but poor ghosts!! U know what people, ghosts are actually scared of my laughter!! seriously, no kidding!!

Verdict: good use of pics to create the atmosphere but adding ankita's laughter will strengthen the post even more!
hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahaha! brrrrrrrrrr.!

Anand said...

Lolz. There u go. Wotever atmosphere the pics had created, ur laughter goes and kills all of it.

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