Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Woman that Never was...

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Mysterious Woman
It seemed like a night for enjoyment. Everyone was havin' the time of his life. Camp fire is the best place to show off your guitar and singing talents. And if the camp fire happens to be on a beach...nothing like it.

Yogi was all of 21. His group of friends and him had this one planned weeks ahead.

The beach picnic of sorts was set for an over-night stay for Saturday and back home on Sunday. Atleast 7 friends of his, excluding their girlfriends had hired a car and had been to the beautiful beach not so far away, on the outskirts of Mumbai.

The guitar played on in the clear night and some girls danced. It was fun. Atleast an hour or two had passed. It was dark all around except the fire and it's surroundings.

Yogi was enjoying but he had felt like havin' a smoke. It was around 2 in the night. He got up and strolled slowly away from the crowd, a few feet away. Sitting down, he lit himself a cigarette. Pitch dark ocean and the waves running up and down the beach looked awesome as if teasing anyone who wud like to catch em'.

As he puffed away....he saw something. It took him a minute but he recognized the shape. It was undoubtedly the shape of ....

A WOMAN....standing far at the other side of the beach..quite a distance from the water. It was only the outline of the woman he could see . Her hair blew lightly in the night breeze.

'Great. Another one for a smoke I guess', Yogi thought. But something made him twitch at the back of his neck. Something was wrong or so he thought.

Yogi watched.

The woman was staring straight at the if she had forgotten to blink. Her behavior din't seem normal. Either she was thinking something really deep or she had some...not so natural plans.

She was around 5.7' in height. Bare feet, she seemed to be wearing something black. It wasn't a dress, it looked one piece. It seemed like a saree.

She began to walk.

The woman wearing a black saree was walking bare feet, in a straight line.....rite at the ocean. Yogi had lit another cigarette and could see her feet leaving marks on the sand. He wondered wot she intended to do. Maybe a midnight dip.

The woman walked with grace, unblinking towards the ocean. She had a slith figure. Her hair flew everywhere in the breeze that had become a bit stronger now. She reached the edge of the ocean as the water rushed to wet her feet. She did not step back. She kept on moving forward.

And suddenly, as if a sudden thought had stuck her, she stopped. Yogi watched. The woman slowly turned her head...and looked STRAIGHT AT YOGI...and smiled.. a wicked smile.

Yogi hadn't anticipated this. He hadn't thought the woman might have known that he was watching her. The woman's move had been sudden. Yogi's cigarette slipped out of his mouth...

Though she looked normal, Yogi's senses told him otherwise. She was staring at him with a continued gaze...never blinking. Yogi shivered.
Just as suddenly, she looked away... and faced the sea once again. She resumed her walking into the sea. She kept on moving and the water rushed to meet her in force.

She was going deep and deeper yet. She kept on moving. The water now had reached her breasts. Most of her body had disappeared in the water. As she kept on with it...the water rose to meet her face...her nose...her eyes...and in the next few seconds..

SHE WAS GONE. Underneath the great ocean.

Yogi was alarmed. He could no longer see her. She was completely immersed under the water. He got up as if to do something.....maybe to call out to his friends for help.

For some reason, he decided to wait for a few seconds. Maybe she would come up for air in a second or 2. He waited. The seconds ticked.

Now atleast around 20 seconds had passed. No woman. 30 seconds. 40. 50.............ONE MINUTE. THE WOMAN WAS INSIDE THE WATER AND IT HAD BECOME AN ENTIRE MINUTE.

Yogi was about to cry for help when suddenly......

The woman EMERGED.

HE saw from where he stood..the hair of the woman..followed by her head, neck...her body coming out of the water..slowly. In slow strides she walked..out of the sea and into the beach...she walked. She held something in her hand.

She walked in a straight line..staring rite ahead...unblinking..just as she had before she had gone into the water.

Yogi just stared at her wide eyed... He sensed something wrong..very very wrong. His head was signaling him wildly but he couldn't understand. His eyes never left the woman as she walked onto the beach..slowiy distancing herself away from the water.
As she reached the end of the sandy beach...he saw wot she held in her hands.....or wot he thought he saw..

Yogi's senses went NUMB with FEAR. She held a HEAD...cut from the body, by it's hair in her right hand.

And just as he had seen that, as if on cue, the woman once again turned her evil head and looked STRAIGHT AT YOGI...

She was looking straight at him, her eyes wide, smiling wickedly, her head held hand tightened in a fist for better grip. And once again, jus as suddenly, she turned her head , looked straight ahead and walked slowly away...into oblivion.

Yogi was still transfixed. Something still disturbed him. The evil was gone into the night..yet.....

And then...he realized what it was that made his hair stand behind his neck. When she had emerged from the water.... and was walking towards the beach...


As if she had never gone into the ocean...and yet...SHE HAD !!! The woman that never was !!

Yogi believes in ghosts and prefers not going to the beach at nights now. He has since graduated and told about this to only a select few.

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Inspiration said...

Arre Yaar. Again its incomplete. It was very exciting to read this.. very nice triller i felt. pls continue and post the remaining portion..

Great writing... Keep it up


Anand said...

workhard....u got that rite.

Naval L....Thanx. I will, certainly.

Anand said...

It's actually complete my dear J with a 'shree' at the end..

U have to click on "Read more" to read the entire thing, u c?


Inspiration said...

ya, here i got it... nice narration but i somehow felt that the concluding part was not enough to be understood.. What happened after Yogi frozed? Was he in a state to speak? what happened to him after that incident?

Nice one yaar.. very exciting to read.


Anand said...

Jayshree...ur comment was a bombshell of a feedback. Thank u.

If u happen to visit again, U shall see that I have added a proper end to it.
Not leaving a story untold.

Anand. :-)

Sheril said...

Hi Sweets,

Very Interesting Story,,,,,
Nice one.......
Lets see when we meet will tell you some good real life incidents that took place in Dahanu....
Lets see how you work on those....

Love ya........

Anand said...

Sheril....Thanx. And it's a deal. And love ya lots too. :-)

Inspiration....100% is goooood. Anytime. Anytime. ;-)

ankita mehta said...

thrilling! but the end left many things untold! but engaging narration! Mr. Yogi, your the next one if u go to the beach!! hehehe!

Verdict- Ramsay brothers or Ramgopal Verma, plz take note of this script and develop it into a film!

Anand said...

Ankita....hahaha. Thanx for that recommendation. If u liked it then every one wud like it, Im sure.

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