Monday, March 23, 2009

Top 3 Questions asked about a Radio Jockey..

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It's kool to listen to your favorite Radio Station on your mobile, while u drive ur car or on ur much prized possession-the latest MP4.

U hear the Radio Jockey talk flawlessly and make overture expressions that u can instantly imagine. He chuckles and cracks a lousy joke but u laugh with him anyways.

He talks about a p'ticular topic that tickles ur funny bone and just before he's about to go on a song or a commercial break, he throws a question at you related to the topic and urges u to call him up quick and answer it correctly....or maybe just casually talk to him about it.

Everything looks real enough.
But do you make that call....?? Nahh...You don't.

Your line of argument --
Who calls anyways?
Who's got the time?
I'm busy> Surely other people are busy too.
Well, he's got nothing else to do but talk. I do.

But ur not tuned off the station yet. Once the break is over..the slick, motor-mouth RJ comes alive again and..surprise s'prise...a hell lotta people are actually calling him up and doin' all he's asked them to do. It's a wonder and u think..Who the hell ARE these people anyways?

And u conclude....fake. Man,it's all....F A K E. The damn Radio guy is making a lot of his own people call him up over n' over.. miming different people's voices. It can't be true....can it?

Have u thought of it that way?? Yeaaa..u have, haven't u?

Well...Here are the TOP 3 questions asked about a Radio Jockey.

(1) Does a Radio Jockey really get phone calls from people at large?? or is he faking it all...every time??

No, he is NOT faking it. HE DOES get calls. Real ones. The number of calls depend on his popularity though.
People really do call. The reasons why they in the plural. So I won't be gettin' into that as of now. (If u want me to, lemme know.)

A Radio Jockey starts gettin' his calls on the announced phone number the moment he's put up his question. All calls that can be handled by him are taken between those pesky commercials or the songs that play on...on air.
It's a process called...."phone answering". Duh !!! Lol.

Now, between you and me : 99% of the calls that you hear are recorded...moments before going LIVE on air. U hardly ever hear any REAL 'people conversation' on air. Really !! SHHhhh !!!

(2) How is he able to talk flawlessly...without any hitches?

Yep, another TOP rated question - this.
The secret is so simple if u knew, u'd kick your own ass twice in a second.

Blame it on REHEARSALS.
A NEW RJ on the block writes SCRIPTS on the topic he is s'posed to talk about..that include punches, commas, jokes, questions, full stops, the whole jing bang...pages on pages... He reads all of that but makes it look like he's jus talkin' and U are blissfully unaware.

An experienced RJ, on the other hand, just needs to know wot he has to talk about. He prepares a small list of relevant points and his experience does the rest.
If he falters in between somewhere, he's quick enuff to make up for it...making his experience count.

(3) How come the people who call him, talk so well too? I wud never be able to do that. that you know you NEVER actually hear any conversation L.I.V.E, can you figure it out yourself ??

When they call up, it's between commercials or songs. So, the conversation is private between the RJ and the caller. The RJ then proceeds to COACH them on what they need to say and how to say it. A rehearsal or two...and voila - perfect conversation - short and crisp.
Their conversations are RECORDED in a pretty neat, state-of-the-art software. It is then sorted, cleaned of any unnecessary noise or voice, cut and pasted in the computer...ready to roll for a super kool flawless effect.... and unleashed when the RJ goes L.I.V.E.

(Stupid Me)

There - The Top 3 secrets revealed. Shhhhhh... :-)

And while I'm on this topic - for people who haven't seen wot Radio Jockeys have to live with...this is it. This is known as the mighty multi-functional Console.


Any other question on the topic that makes u go How, When, What, Where...I'm Not answering...:-)
Cheers !!

31 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

Tanu Anand said...

wah wah... is that ur spare time job??? finding 'interesting things' about RJs? :).. but nicee... some of the things i knew. but didnt know about the last point! thanks for the enlightenment! and btw.. a frend of mine won a washing machine on the radio..can u believe that.. called up and won! damn! :P

Smita said...

Aha!!! that is a neat one....but how do u know so much about this profession???

Vaise I have always believed that it is not easy being an RJ, though it sounds fun :-)

10V said...

dude..who would know better about the way RJs do their shows..I have been in their studios personally..( as a winner of one of the contests) so have seen it all...(like u dont know??)

Want me to give away ur secret?? haha...just kidding...

Vee said...

U r bang on as all the answers are correct. I myself have won couple of contests and RJs called me. They will inform what are they going to ask and they would ask what we are going to say and meanwhile song/commercial would be running. That's long back when RJ thing was just getting famous. And trust me RJs of those days were far better than current ones. Nowadays, they all sound similar to me.

@Smita, Itna bhi nahi pata. Yuck

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

hey i FINALLY read your post. i have been on air a coupla times when ive been extremely bored.yeah they sorta told me how to say whtever it is i was saying, n ive gone l.i.v.e. cant blv u missed my voice?!!!

i think some of them do record their show instead of going live.

i really liked the post. i love a few fms where they dont talk much ya know!

well staying in bombay n being stuck in traffic, nothin much to do eh? :D

Ammalu said...

This post reminded me of an incident from my childhood. Me n m cousins foned into a family telequiz pgm in TV. we got to answer 4 questions to win a gold sovereign and each question will be asked to different person in the family. so wen my turn came the quizmaster asked me wuts STD short for...and i answered "sextually transmitted disease" :P :P . Taken aback, she told me she dint expect that :D.. ofcourse our bit was not aired although we won the prize...btw bglr has some superkool RJ's :)

Anand said...

Tanu....I can never figure out when my spare time is. A washing Machine ??? Oohhh kool. Damn, I never won anything on air yet. Will keep trying. Hee

Smita...Well, I know someone who works for a Radio Station. :-)
No job is easy anyways, that goes for every job in the world, don't u think? All who agree with me say 'Aye'..

Anand said...

10V...u Rock. Never knew any one single person who's won so much.
I wonder if you survive because of the Radio stations it the other way around? hehe. And..Shhh.. somethings r better left unsaid. :-)

Anand said...

Vee...... Lucky u man. Seems everybody has won something r the other. Yep I agree..most of them sound similar these days.
And heyy, now now... don't start a fight with Smita here...

Self Proclaimed.... Aww man..I missed ur voice, eh? Well, I'll make up for the lost sweat. Wink.
And ya some of them do record their shows. U said it rite.

Ammalu....'sextually transmitted disease' for STD?? Hahaahaaaa..
And yet u won?? Too kool. Never been to BAng. I surely will one of these days. :-)

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

i wud REALLY like to know how will u make up for lost time?!

i won some really weird cream. never used it till date.

i love radio indigo in bangalore. i think its THE BEST fm. my fav in bombay used to be go 92.5, but then it strtd to cuk n then came 104, but tht has started to suck too

Inspiration said...

Wow! this blog is definitely interesting one.. now i am actually clear something about RJ.

Great piece of Knowledge and mind blowing narration.. Yeah! me sometimes send messages and which is read on the show... so its nice!!

Excellent yaar. Keep it up.

Anand said...

Self Proclaimed..Many ways to make up for lost time. Worry not, I'm creative enuff.

Ohhhhh a cream eh??? haha.

Yea's up and down for Rado Stations as well..jus like any other field. At the end of the day it is nothing but..BUSINESS !! Period.

Anand said...

Inspiration.....a.k.a J with a shree...

MY blog may / maynot be mind blowing but the way u think..sure is. ;-)
Infact, I think U r mind blowing and quite generous with ur remarks.
Thank u so much. I appreciate it !!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anand, I'm not sure what goes on in India but here sure, RJs call and talk LIVE. Real time. I've spoken to them a few times and its on the radio at the very same time. No rehearsals, I'm surprised it happens differently in India coz. here I'm talking bout the Indian radio stations.

Anand said...

Ramesh...No sweat really. really?
'Call screening' is the only reaosn why they do it here in India. There must be atleast 500 different languages and accents here. Imagine them hurling their choisest abuses L.I.V.E ??

Inspiration said...

Am not at all generous.. its just that you deserve more than this.

I will post my next blog very soon.

You take care.


Priyanka Khot said...

I am not aware of the workings of private channels but All India Radio works differently. We do live shows and have live calls as well.

your write-up kinda disappointed me as you sucked out all of the magic of a radio show :-(

Anand said... u work for A.I.R ??

U know I was wondering if anyone wud say this to me. U r the only one who did.
I'm sorry I broke the pretty picture.
But awareness is inevitable. It comes..sooner or later. U got it through my blog.


Priyanka Khot said...

yup I do shows on AIR, in the capacity of an English host.

I was aware of the inner workings. But as a listener, I like to keep the magic alive... something to look forward to and enamored by in this day and age where mysticism is losing out big time. Think about it :-)

Anonymous said...

Knowledge to de diya hai ... koi intrested ho to use help karoge kya ... ??? ...

if .. yes than ...

contact me on 09833271005 ...

Anand said...

Priyanka..........Knowledge is inevitable...if not now..a bit delayed. But it has to come.
But looking from ur point of view..I hv to agree and I do.
If this helps..not many haven't read this post yet. :-)

Anand said...

Sheril............My blog follows the 'freedom of speech' thing. U shud hv let ur comment be. Awwww....

Anand said...

Chintan............I'll keep ur number with me. If I can, I will.

ankita mehta said...

well well well serious job it is!
Verdict: radio jockeys make radio hip and happening! they make "on air" really cool and windy!

Blogprince said...

Ankita....U said all the right word my dear. Haha. Seriously funny job this.

Anand said...

Yea..All Hot air. hmm I c why it's Windy. Hmmmmmm. :-) Sochna padenga chote..tere baare main. Sochna padenga..

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