Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Legend of Krishna - part 1

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A fair WARNING before you indulge into this tale of the legends. It's lengthy and forthcoming. Take breaks reading it, if need be. But once u begin, don't stop. I guarantee the tale will take your breath away.

Well, there is a small pretty town somewhere in the midst of bustling India...somewhere in the northern parts of it. The town that signifies beauty and holiness by it's mere name. The town known to be the place of birth of none other than - Krishna...the handsome God.

This blessed town had...has a neighborly little town nearby. A town by the name - Vrindavan.

The incident supposedly happened in the vicinity of a temple in this very town. This temple is said to have a huge beautiful garden..that goes for miles in length - a small forest if u will.. in it's background.

Legend has it that on nights that are really special.... LORD KRISHNA himself comes down to this very forest with his troupe of Gopis (women followers) and a very special lady by his side to dance the night away in happiness. He is then said to multiply himself so he can dance with each of the Gopis and be each one's partner. And he himself dances with his very special lady companion - the BEAUTEOUS RADHA. And thus the night is added in the list of nights that were chosen by the Lord himself for this occasion.

This legend had been kept alive for decades.....the only reason why the gates of that garden and the temple itself were.. and still are heavily padlocked at nights after a thorough check inside for anyone who would dare try a look see.

David never believed in such legends. In-fact he was known as 'David the myth breaker' in his company of friends and colleagues. David was a news reporter by profession and true to his nature, he laughed this one off arguing that things like that just didn't happen in the real world and the temple was probably padlocked so it could be protected from thieves.

One day, he went a step ahead and took on a challenge to break this myth too. "Why not", he thought. It would be fun. It seemed easy enough. The challenge, then, was obviously on. He knew he had a golden opportunity to add another feather onto his cap.

There were those who had opposed this idea but true to his professional self, he had already made his plans. He was going to do it.

He had carefully chosen the night that was rumored as one of the nights in a year when this divine magic supposedly happened. When the Maker of all came upon Earth himself and danced on his own creation - one of the mighty 3 - the Earth.

The day had begun for THAT night to begin.

He had been sly and had successfully slipped past the sharp eyed priests of the temple, the guards and the usual folks that could tell...way past, deep into the forest he went. He had found a small clearing surrounded by tall trees that had thick branches with enough ensemble of leaves to hide 10 people if needed. He had made himself comfortable atop one...on a branch, high up. Satisfied with himself, he settled in for the long wait.

He was prepared with his usual weapons of choice - his brand new camera, a pen and a pad.

It was a long wait for the night to arrive but he knew it was going to be worth it. Nothing would happen. Tomorrow morning, he would get down the tree, slip past the guards once again, go out in the open and laugh out loud at his friends over lunch. He would make sure they remember him for breaking this one too. This was supposedly a big one - they had said.

He felt a twitch at the back of his neck, shrugging it off he convinced himself..nothing would happen in the night.

There would be no divine Gopis comin' here tonight talking to each other, no dance of the beauteous Radha and most definitely -- No arrival of - Krishna. Not tonight..not here..not anywhere. Obviously, THAT was NOT possible. he thought..

to be continued...

Read the 2nd part of the tale here.

7 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

Neha said... what happened then? Did David see Him with his gopis? Waiting for the rest :)

10V said...

There is a difference between behaving like a princess and living like one dude.

I have explained what I m talking about in detail for ever read carefully...

By the way...waiting for the second part of the story...

nituscorner said... left it at the height of my curiosity. what happend after that ????

Anand said...

Neha, 10v, Nitu..a lil patience. I'm comin' up with that. hee..

nups said...

u r killing us with suspense.... u r not story telling i hope.. its true right??

jyotsana said...

hey what happened after that...i too hve heard some stories related to the nidhivan....and vrindavan still has some beautiful energy...

Anand said...

Jyotsana, there is hardly anyone around to tell us the true facts. This is surmise at best based on legends.

But as I have written earlier - I believe.

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