Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Mighty Lion and the cunning Rat...

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I talk from a common point of view, intentionally not quite going into wot is and isn't. Only stating the obvious and visible facts.

Here's wot I'm talking about:

Indian Grand Hotel Taj was attacked recently. India and Pakistan went face to face.....yet again.

Ok, Lemme put it this way - Pakistan was at it again and India had no choice but to be at it again as well. (wot?? It shows I'm biased?? Fine. But I talk on the basis of 'alleged facts'.)

Some say it's a CAT n' MOUSE game. Oh ree..hee..eeehyally ??

Me thinks It's a case of a terribly huge but a confused lion (I'll let u decide who the lion is here) and a cunning, sneaky Rat.

Once upon a time, the Lion and the Rat used to live together in a jungle. But later on, they had some differences and parted ways. They agreed to divide the Jungle and live on their individual sides.

But it was only a matter of time - the Rat wanted more of the forest to call his own.

The Lion had already had enuff with him and told him to go to hell.

But the Rat, true to his species, wanted to keep biting more than he could chew. Knowing pretty well, he wudn't be able to take on the Lion in might, he sought other ways of doing it.
One day he saw some Gorillas fighting each other and from that point on decided to utilize the Gorilla tactics on the Lion.

So any chance he got, he wud sneak up to the Lion when he rested and bite him as hard as he cud and sneak back to his hole. Immediately after, he wud cry foul and deny any allegations on him.

Every time he is bit n' hurt by the Rat...the mighty lion cries out loud and roars to his mightiest. But since he's confused as well, he doesn't really know wot to do about it...other than roar. And that's pretty much ok with the Rat.

The Lion assumes that if he even so much as thinks about confronting the Rat about it, the Rat will make a huge hue n' cry about it and disturb peace 'round the jungle. Since it has learned how to let those false tears drop well, from it's friend the crocodile who's eyes look chinky. The lion thinks that if he so much as even shows his strength, the Rat was sure to attack and destroy him.

So, all that the scared lion does, is scratch n' scream in pain, put his tail between his legs and shift it's location to relax till he forgets his pain. Most of the time, he runs to his uncle named SAM. He whines to his uncle about his Rat trouble.

While the Rat is cunningly smart. It knows the exact whereabouts of the lion, it's daily routine, it's places to hunt, to hide, the places where it sits and relaxes, it's favorite waterholes etc. It also know bout uncle Sam. The Rat has taken pains to get all this information using other Rats in holes since it thinks it can do the maximum damage if it has all this information with him.

Once he has bitten the lion where it hurts, he immediately goes into the 'feigning innocence mode' (which it has perfected over time). Infact he says,"Hey big guy, I stay in the same jungle as u, I have the same kinda trouble like u. Why wud I then want to hurt u? Somebody else must have done it. N' if u think I have done it, cmon, gimme some solid proof...something that I can believe in..not u, get it?"

The Rat's tone is never convincing....yet the Lion subsides. He thinks maybe really it was someone else and the Rat may be after all speaking the truth.

And if the Lion somehow manages to show the Rat's footprints near him, as proof, the Rat loudly shouts, almost accusing and abusively "That could be anybody. Some other Rats stay in my hole sometimes. Maybe those 'non-hole actors' must have done it. I am not convinced it's me, u big dumb ass. Convince ME first, u idiot."

The jungle at large laughs on at the lion.
The cunning Rat has won another game. N' so it continues.

The problem here is this - The Rat thinks he's the one who should rule the jungle and wotever he says should matter. It has the foxes and wolves as his friends.

The Lion, on the other hand, doesn't know he's a huge mighty powerful Lion, doesn't know his own strength. Uncle Sam knows this fact but never shows the mirror to the lion. Uncle Sam is another cunning man running loose with a shakuni tongue. Bhanjeeeee ...

All the other Rats in their holes obviously secretly rejoice since it's their brethren who has been cunning enough to do what they would love to do sometime.

Now, here are the facts - The entire jungle has seen this episode happen all too often. Some smile, some smirk. But most of them can't understand why the lion sits idle.

Why doesn't he do something about the menace which he undoubtedly and successfully can?
What's wrong with him? Is he not supposed to be mightier than the mighty??
Doesn't he understand his own size and strength? Why doesn't he act his size for a change??
Why does he always go crying to uncle Sam??
Is he mentally ill to let it happen over n' over??

The foxes think wot if they tried wot the Rat succeeds in doing as usual routine?? Will the lion still react the same way??
Wot if they fooled the lion and then made him think it was the Rat who did it? Is it possible to take advantage?? ooh, that wud be grt.

The other lions think - What an idiot. Had it been us, the entire Rat population wud have been wiped out by now and the holes closed forever. The menace over in seconds.

Who will tell this Lion the bare facts?
Who will show the lion a mirror big enough for him to gauge his own size n' strength?
who will pound enough brains into him to act by himself?

And lastly, The jungle rule states "Survival will only be of the fittest." If this is a jungle, then for the sake of the jungle itself.. let the fittest survive.

The story continues...

6 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

Anonymous said...

good job man.. n hey lion n rat r not d only livin animals in d jungle.. so ur story{The Mighty Lion.....} can b a wake up cal for al d other animals of d jungle.

Raghu said...

Definately a kool job. I loved reading it and I must have read it atleast 3 times. Keep it up. I will visit u from now on.

Anand said...

Raghu...............Thanx a lot. Ur most welcome here anytime.

ankita mehta said...

Manmohan singhji aapko to kuch kehne ka fyada nahi hai! aap toh khud robot ho! raksha mantri shri A.k. Anthonyji aap krapya iss post ko padhe aur samjhe mooke ki nazakatt ko!!!!! And with due respect to nobel peace prize winner uncle Samji aapse kuch ummede hai krapya nibaye jaroor!!!

Verdict: Analogy beyond excellence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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