Thursday, January 1, 2009

I am contactable.

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I am now contactable through the form given below.

I would love to receive your Personal comments, Feedback, Money (yea, rite!), Invites for lunches and dinners / sleepovers / occasions / outings....basically anything you lovingly invite me for. I'm usually hungry for love and beer.

I would also love suggestions and advice on the blog itself.

For Eg:
- What looks better on the blog (existing widgets etc)?
- What I should hang on to and what needs to go.
- How can I improve my writing skills?
- Does the blog need improvement on the looks department?
- Anything else the blog needs so it can be improvised further?
- What kinda posts (content) would you like me to come up with more often. (Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Fiction, non-fiction etc.)

While you are filling in the form, be sure you put your correct email id in it since that is how I will be able to respond back .

Lastly, thank you so much for taking your time out and writing to me .

Have a rocking 2010.

PS:- Plz check too. Suggestions / comments on it are invited as well.


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