Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 has arrived. Fine..

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Ladies n' Gentlemen, brothers and sisters, the year 2009 has arrived.

Old man 2008 went out, it's back almost broken, burdened. He kept the door open for someone new to take over..finally.. and in slipped an apprehensive to speak..just came in and stood with it's unemotional face so people can see it's physical presence just as the watch stuck 12 at midnight.

Good Morning everyone and a Happy New Year!!!

Good Morning and a happy new year, rejoice...for the wealthy and indifferent;

Happy new year, don't lose hope...for those who are truthful, right..yet have to suffer;

This is a new year, your time may jus be up...for those who think and do evil.

Here I pray with all innocence that I can muster, to the almighty God, Bhagwan, Allah, Guru Ganth Sahib, Jesus, to show us all some mercy and let us be happy for a change this year.

You are the Lord. Change our destiny for a year to a good one, can't u? Do u have to see us go through it over n over? Grant this wish like you wud a holiday to someone.

Why is it so difficut to please u, Lord?
Say something... well??? Sighhh....he doesn't speak to me. Don't know about you.

I'm not depressed neither over exited 'bout 2009. I have a feeling hardly anyone Mumbai atleast. This much I can vouch for.
Even if u did see people rejoice..those people were the positive thinking lot who know that one has to move on..but I have no doubt in my mind that they were doing it with a guilty heart themselves.

I don't know 'bout the rest of the world but I know we Indians are not made up in a way where we can make merry while we know there are those who cannot rejoice, have tears in their eyes, that they can now never ever talk to someone they always used to..cuz that someone now is no more.

I, myself am a Positive thinking person. Atleast I show signs of it. I try not to crack down on problems and try to face them bravely. I don't show emotions that can hv people guess I may be in trouble and that I need help..sometimes desperately. I face my own troubles sanse anyone incuded. But that's me.

I have made a new resolution for this year and this one to keep.

This year I shall help those who need help, without my own selfishness. I shall, intentionally and voluntarily take out my time, provide my knowledge and love n' affection to those in need of it, selflessly. This I VOW !!!

No, I'm not sayin' it cuz I'm feeling in a certain way today or for any such other reason. I'm sayin' it cuz I mean every word of it and cuz I want to give back to my country doublefold for what it has done for me so far.

Why dont You make a resolution too? An unbreakable, real, practical and a SELFLESS one for this year??

A selfless resolution..this time for others instead of ur own self. Don't make it if you already know you're gonna break it. No excuses of time, distance, family etc or any other such. Once u make it..u keep it and do it. I know I will. Selflessly...


Do you wanna know the REWARDS you will get if you stick to your resoltions??
DO u??? Ok, This is how I see it...

A million dollar smile on a kid's face when YOU teach him somethin' turn givin' u an invaluable smile urself.

A single tear of joy on a man's face that is worth a thousand diamonds that says how thankful he is to YOU for being there for him when he needed someone the most.

A lump in a poor woman's throat and the look in her eyes that will tell YOU that she can now do something that she never could or could hardly manage to do, because YOU were there for her.

A single touch on ur head from a frail, old person who gives YOU his 'aashirwad' that is beyond value cuz U helped him when he seemed stuck somwhere and U came along like the wish of god himself to help him while u were probably on ur way to office.

And the best of all, when u go to sleep at nights, u will sleep like a true angel...with a smile on ur face...with the satisfaction of a man knowing he is doing the right thing.

Hey......and maybe......jus maybe....U may not know it but people going by you on the road , on the station, by your office, by where u stay...get confused when they see u and wonder if they actually saw a glittering shiny, golden n' silver angel ring appear over ur head for a second. :->

When you say Happy new year..THIS is the Happy part of it.

Dont mind me.. I say wot I feel, right from the bottom of my heart.

For me, its me that matters the most..
For you, it's you that matters the most....
But collectively...for us, it's WE that must matter. Period.

Happy New Year 2009. ( O boy, It's cold..Brrrrr... )

4 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

10V said...

Nice written dude...U surely are a positive person wanting to make a difference..Maybe ur next blog would be an experience you share when u help someone...

Describe that feeling...coz thats what u r best at..expressing what u feel...Keep it up..Looking forward to reading more of your blogs..

Shalini George said...

this is one of the most endearing blogs i've ever read. Are you for real?!

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