Monday, January 5, 2009

The Celestial World Secret.

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Finally..Finally..I have my evil hands on the Ingenious design that mr God himself had approved to be used for this world. HA HA HA (my evil laugh)

The secret design of how to get luck, fame, money, love, sex and all the things that make people one hell of a crazed lot.

U wanna know how?? ofcourse u do..(hehehee evil grin with a twisted eyebrow)

This is wot usually happens..
They pick a successful guy. Put him on a padestial, make him an example and then say, "man, wot a lucky dude. Luck was with him and now he's got all it takes for a man to be happy - paisa, ladki, bungla, fame..Boletoh, settle hogeyla hai."

Then there are some who pick the same guy and say, "Him??? Someone plz tell me wot the hell he's got that I don't?? Is there anything that I can't do better than him?? He jus got lucky, tas all."
N' fortunately or unfortunately, the truth is - that may jus be true..

I guarantee there are those who can act better than De niro/Russell Crowe/Brosnan/shahrukh/Aamir/Naseer sir n' the biggies anytime n' twice on sundays..
There are those who can play better than Sachin, those who can lead better than our recent crop of leaders n' those who can write better than I do.(Sorry, cudnt resist that. Lol.)

Oh n'...No I'm not sayin' the guys above are not good..they r really good..n' they r there cuz they've got wot it takes to be there. Deservingly so.
But there's something 'ELSE' that they had n' that's the real reason why they are where they are today..n' I ain't talkin bout talent. No sireee.

Ok, this is entirely my own belief and my own thinking.
Here's the thing.. I believe I have figured out a little piece of the secret design, a design meant for this world to be used upon.

That design, that secret..

is that..

Time DOES NOT look for perfection !!!
Let's read it again together.... this time...going over each word a lot slowly..
Time.. DOES.. NOT.. look.. for.. perfection !!!

That's true. Time is NOT looking for that perfect someone to come along who can do it the best. Act the best, play the best, sing the best, lead the best...NO. Time does not wait for that kinda perfection. It never does...cuz it's not looking it.

Instead...Time has it's own logic.
And this is that logic...

[ Time chooses a place and a time. Stands there blindfolded and opens it's huge palms that hold the gift of luck, fame, money, sex, love, desire and contentment. Absolutely anyone can take away those gifts...regardless of that someone's caste, creed, color, height, weight, background etc.. ]

The only hitch is...

that someone has to be there at the RIGHT TIME at the RIGHT PLACE..and more importantly if he chooses to pick the gifts as soon as he sees it.

Absolutely Ingenious. Why? Cuz it's fair to everyone. No disparity, No partiality, No dispute.

Not many know this or not everyone can figure out the right place and the right time and some, if they do, can't take instant decisions. And that's why there are a lot of highly talented people roaming around unable to taste success.

On the other hand, a lot of untalented people are roaming around too. Those that have all the happy things that life can offer. Not so hard to figure this out now, is it?

So now..the million dollar question the hell can one know when is the rite time n' where's that rite place to be at where Time chooses to stand blindfolded?? that's another design... that's a part of another universal puzzle. Like finding an invisible door that leads to a parallel universe. It's there..only u can't see it. Scientists believe that by the way...The parallel universe thing I mean.

Rhonda Byrne of the "The Secret" talks 'bout the Law of attraction. She says 'Like attracts Like' and I believe it. Read it through..u will have some thoughts that wud provoke ur inner mind on whether things really work the way she's described it.

Ok there some formula of being at the right time at the right place? There must be..only, I'm not aware of it. Still trying to figure that out. If you have any idea on that one..I wud appreciate it if u let me know.

For the moment, I think the best way to do that is to be connected with people, circumstances and the current world at large. Helps big time.

And so here..rite now...Spelling it out for u - this is the Celestial World Secret : The 1st step towards success..

Be at the Right place , at the Right time !!

U wudn't know where and when that is. That's why - learn to recognize opportunities. Grab them as they brush past you. They are meant for anyone who can reach out n' take 'em. Let that one be YOU.

Don't jus sit in a corner and wait for luck to find it's way to u. You need to go out there n' find your way to it..That's one design for sure..

Happy hunting.. :-)

13 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

10V said...

Interesting way to look at things...and very philosophical dude...

But some things are better said than

Sheril said...

Very Inspirational esp the ending Luck comes to every one just need to be there to grab it...........

Anonymous said...

Nice..and i believe it too.It was funny also when you wrote there are people who can write better than you.
Keep writing dude.Wish u luck.lets have more of this..

Creation said...

You are right... i can relate to ur post

Thanks for dropping by my blog.! :)

Keep visiting.
Cheers! :)

Zlaek said...

Wait a minute, getting the name and fame is one thing.
So many of us, I'm sure, are indifferent to fame, recognition, and being known as a 'biggie' in their field. There are a lot of us, to whom their talent, productivity means everything, and wanting to make it big is never a priority. Their prime priority, in fact, is their work. Their performance....Which is obviously driven by their belief in it.
Out comes the secret at this point--
The one who least expects or desires to make it big or anything like that, is most likely to be at the right time, right place. Constantly.
You will get big in your stuff, in the most correct way.....if you have your genuine belief placed firmly/inseparably in it and in nothing else ('else' refers to all the other things that stuff COULD give you)

Anyhow, the article makes an interesting read :)
A very new and interesting choice of ssubject
(Glad to hear you like the way i write. Keep visiting)

asha said...

You are really good at putting your thoughts in writing, its an interesting blog.

I feel real success is not only monitory achievement but the satisfaction of completing a task with perfetion. For instance for an artist it doesn't really matter how much he is paid for a particular painting but for him there is only one masterpeice. Beleive me thats the painting he has put in all his heart and soul into.
There are people who live in anonimity and work selflessly towards social good. For them success is the change they bring in this society.
Different people have different understanding of success. I hope you get answer to your understanding soon.
"how to be at the right place at the right time."
All the best Dude.

Anand said...

10V...............U got ur point of view. :-) I wrote from my true belief.

Anand said...

Zlaek...............Hmmmm... read 'The Secret' by Rhonda B. U'll love it. Thanx for comin in.

Anand said...

Asha................"Different people have different understanding of success"....well said.
I agree.

ankita mehta said...

Inspiring post! I wish I could be enterprising and alert enough to catch hold of the opportunities instead of cursing my luck!!

Verdict: Success, opportunity, money, fame, love.......... here I come!!!! Bad luck shoo!

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