Saturday, April 4, 2009

What to do when you are Embarrassed..

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Ok, Picture this :---

You're walking on the street engrossed in your own thoughts and all of a sudden you loose your balance. You let fly everything in your hands, try to balance yourself but the inevitable happens and you fall bang on your butts - hard.
To add insult to injury, a few girls witness your un-choreographed trapeze act and snicker like there's no tomorrow, whispering nonsense to each other.
Aggghhh.....You cud jus' die there. No????
And that's just one situation. Millions similar to this one happen everyday. The world is a big place.

The question is : How do you react??

Do You:

1. Get up, look at everybody in anger and walk away fuming?
2. Cry out loud, "I want my Mommy...."
3. Just get up, don't make eye contact with anybody and escape off as fast as you can?
4. Get up, make eye contact with everyone, laugh at the situation and say loudly, "yea, that was funny" and walk away laughing?

Hmm..a toughie. (Pssstt.....I was in the same situation not too long back. read on..)

Well, there's a logic to it. Since I think the logic makes sense, I'm sharing it here. You, of course, don't need to follow these steps, if you don't approve.

Here it is - The logic:

Immediately after u have goofed up, SMILE your honest smile. No need for any other reaction. You see - you have a make anything happening to you look good or bad. So why not convert the ugly into something funny and normal.

The most important logic of all - understand this - WHATEVER IN THIS WORLD HAPPENS...happens for that 'LIMITED PERIOD OF TIME' ONLY.

That means...statistically speaking..the chances of the SAME THING happening to you in the exact same situation again is just ONE in a TRILLION. It's absolutely safe to state that the certainty of repetition is highly improbable !!

Further on..that means the next time you fall on your ass, it's IMPOSSIBLE that you fall at the exact same location with the exact set of people witnessing your fall having the exact same reaction again. If it does, you may have witnessed an impossibly rare occurrence. Let the TV channels know.

So, if it's never going to happen again...why should you be embarrassed?? Instead, think of that as an opportunity given to you by some higher up power to learn something from it - on what NOT to do again. Make it into what is popularly known as 'EXPERIENCE'.
BUT how do you deal with it at THAT moment when it is actually happening?? Simple. Just like our gurus have told us to.

When it's actually happening...

Make eye contact with everyone and SMILE or laugh as per the situation. Remember the logic of statistics.

If it was something that happened to you cuz u didn't notice it, make sure YOU put up a 'warning sign' or something similar, according to the situation, so others don't go through wot u did. The same people who snickered at you, will look at u in amazement and be proud of you. U mite even secretly have become their idol.

Request the onlookers to help you do it. They will, if you insist.

That's it. You're now good to go.

and as to what I did in my situation..
(my embarrassment - the dude had somehow managed to tie a mile long toilet paper on the back of my pants and I roamed around with it for atleast 10 minutes without knowing about it.)

Fine - go ahead imagine it. When your done laughing your ass further...

DONE? Good.
well..I did just what I told you.
Of course AFTER I had done that...the guy was swiftly and safely tied up in the same toilet where the toilet paper had come from, for an hour..away from creating another havoc.

The logic stands. And it works. Try it. :-)

45 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

Creativity!! said...

yeppiiiee:) I'm the first to comment:) well, funny post..U ve inter-links r too good..for ex:- Health Insurance, contact lense..I liked this post a lot:) Excellent writing skills..keep blogging:)

10V said...

hahaha...finally ser ko sava ser mila...i m sure its one of the ppl u fooled to make 500 bucks in 10 mins???

Anand said...

Creativity.....Thanx so much. I intend to keep blogging.....if u keep returning.. ;-)

Anand said...

Tanvi......YES it WAS one of them. The fu##$# As%%@$$....
Haha..but it was fun at the end of the day..

Inspiration said...

hmmmm....... this is nice.. keep writing!

Good, great, better, best.


Anand said...

Aruna..... lol. Yep, I thot the tips did make sense too. Much thanx... Heee

Anand said...

Inspiration......Thanx. All ur compliments.....back at u for ur work too. :-)

R. Ramesh said...

my vote for no.3, Get up, laugh at the situation and say loudly, "yea, that was funny" and walk away laughing...

Vee said...

Hahaha.... Hohohohohoh... Mile long... Heheheehehe

Ok, alright. done. Hmm, good revenge. What you mentioned could be the ones when things just happen.. But sometimes the embarrassing situation arises from ur own stupidity, then what to do?

Anand said...

Ramesh.....We share common thoughts. I wud choose the same option myself.

Anand said...

Vee.....hahaha.. U have a point there... Lemme put my little brain on it...I'll let u know...

Imp's Mom said...

omg.... im laughing and i don't know when I'm gonna be done...damn why didn't somebody take a pic?? esp wth the toilet paper :P

my vote goes for no.3, that is what i would do..

btw will definitely have to come back and read all ur archive...the call centre, animalistic choices (still don't have a winning title?) and the woman that never was... too good!


Imp's Mom said...

ooppps almost forgot... ur template looks really good and organised :)

Anand said...

Imp's mom.......after a long time...Welcome back. My blog missed u and wanted me to send notices to find u. Hee
yea yea...u laughed didn't u ?? So did a lot of ppl...Glad no one took a pic, otherwise that person wud hv been on my 'kill' list.

Yep read all u like but..hey I'm not that grt..Ill keep my fingers crossed. ;-)

Anand said...

Imps mom.... Thanxxxx for that template feedback. I wanted someone to tell me about it. Glad u liked it.

Thanx Self proclaimed........ ur the best for the 1st feedback. And...

10v...ur feedback really helped. Thank u so much.

Mwuahhh to all o' u.

Anand. :-)

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

huny ive fallen in the middle of an aisle in the movie theatre with two cones in my hands. EVERYBODY and i mean EVERYBODY was laughing. so i got up gave a sheepish smile and sank low in my chair.

i stuck a post it with something really mean written on my classmates back in school and he complained. i poured lil fevicol on this guy's seat when he was sitting in front of me. he started CRYING!!!!!!! i had to console him.

but i love wht happened with u if i picturize it ESP after wht happened to him hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Anand said...

Self Proclaimed... u poured favicol?? naughty naughty...And scene was..kinda..well....uh... yea...funny.. I admit !!

Imp's Mom said...

am def gonna be here more often...though not as often as u post...hey a girl needs her laugh doesn't she? :P

Anand said...

Imp's mom...... And I be her clown, eh????? The pleasure is ALL MINE.... WInk.

Anand said...

Rakesh.......My Blog and me are honoured on becoming a test ground for your multi-purpose
"testings". All I'd like to know wot is this testing all about??? Care to explain??

dimple said...

thanks for ur comments.ur blog is truly outsatnding and hilarious .grt work

java junkie said...

hey thts truly funny.i like the topics you choose .n the way u present them
.u are a magician wit words. m actually waiting for your next post.really . when is it coming btw

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Pardon my test comment. The firewall does not allow me to make a comment on the new form!

Back to the topic, I'd laugh it off as some pays to make a situation lighter ;)

Anand said...

Dimple......U thot my blog's outstanding?? I dohope u meant that. hee.
Wooo..that felt nice.. Thanx.

Anand said...

Java Junkie....... too much. Ur most generous with ur compliments I must say. That felt very encouraging.
U wait for my next post.....?? R u sure?? Be sure..ur about to awake a sleeping giant...

Anand said...

Rakesh.........Ur firewall ain't allowing u to make comments????
This is INDIA dude.....BRIBE the damn thing..It will allow u to do a hell lot more than that. Guaranteed...

Scarlet said...

LOL - Good ones! I sometimes laugh if I'm not in agony. If someone is really laughing at my pain, I get up and push them so he/she falls harder than I did. ;) (Just kidding...)

Marutham said...


That was too good man...

U know what!Before even i read the entire posts & the gyaan part - i was reminded of the time..the stupid Dustbin Cover in my office pantry slipped and fell when i JUST NEARED it..I swear i dnt even drop my paper cup then..but it fell and everyone around LOOKS AT ME! (Some IDIOTS even looked THROUGH thier glass and yes some tried to do what i DID!) - I spontaneously smiled and Shrugged my shoulders.

Well, my vote goes for you! Thats the best way to handle this situation & well ofcourse if it has to do with toilet papers and a DUMB friend... U r the guru! U had done EXACTLY the right thing ;)

Your friend doesnt read ur blogs does he! Hopefully not ;)

Have a Great week!

Anand said...

Scarlet......To everyone his own.. But the next time u do that...may I see the pic?

Anand said...

Marutham..........I jus tried.. :-)
Well...So far he hasn't given any idication of having read it. I'm waiting for that p'ticular LOUD yell that will make me and our neighbouring buildings know that NOW he has. WInk.

FCB said...

Hi Anand,
coincidently, a friend of mine took a pretty good fall last week. I wish she had read this, I'm sure it was embarrassing. This is darn good advice if you ask me, I usually feel like a fool, look down and slink off, think I'll take your advice next time.

Anand said...

Hey Fred ........ Ur approval of my advice is a BIG thing. And moreover, that fact that u feel u can actually impliment it.....elates me to no end.
Thank u much Fred. I'm givin myself a pat on m back. Hope ur friends arright now. :-)

Anonymous said...

if such thing happens to me i m sure will try my best to smile...[read the wors 'try':))]hahaha and try hard not to twitch in pain;(( showing a brave girl front,,,

Anand said...

Wishes..........way to go, brave lady. I'm so proud of u. :-)

anshu said...

hey...can imagine u wid the toilet paper :-D . u look cute.

Andy said...

Anshu.........ur quite imaginative aren't u??? Lol. Drop in often. I like ur name.:-)

ARUNA said...

ahem...ahem... some flirting in the air...........!!someone looks cute, some one likes someone's name! Kya ho raha hi yahan pe!!

Anand said... I'am embarassed here. And no idea how I shud react. No flirting here. Jus.....being sweet, tas all.
Waise..I'm open for a 3 some. Hahahahaaa..

Sharad Sharma said...

haha.. nice .. I will give this a try , the next time there is a situation :P

Anand said...

Sharad................. U do that and promise me u'll let me know whow it went.

ankita mehta said...

people forget about what anand has told u !
In an embarrassing situation i laugh! and guess what, my roaring laughter embarrass the people around !!! hahahahaha!

Verdict: record ankita's laughter and just turn it on whenever you are trapped in a situation like this and see the magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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