Friday, April 3, 2009

Animalistic Choices

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I was in the middle of writing a new "How to" but as things wud have it, before I cud complete it, I happened to come across THIS.

And dude, THIS made my friends and me crack up with laughter. There was noways I wasn't gonna share this with you.

Check it out...

I wonder what you're thinking RITE NOW. Probably closer shots?? Wink.

Hey, and while you're in the 'thinking' mode, how 'bout a little creativity??

Temme the BEST CAPTION or TITLE that you think wud fit this one. Be REAL creative and as wild as you can. Freak out. Let's hear you. (wink)

15 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh.. hahahaaa. a bold porn star in a public place. Sexy. lol.

Nivedita said...

Caption: Bet your mother was easier ;))

How did you manage to click that picture? If you were anywhere near while taking these pictures bet you were'nt spared either...what would the caption be then...quick...think about it? ;))LOL

stop by my blogs...follow, add...I'm an artist, not too good with words...prefer the visual language :))


Anand said...

Nitu.....LIVE STATUE.. Hmmm... Not bad actully...

Anonymous.... A porn Star?? Dammmn...Ur rite.. HAhaaa

Anand said...

Nivedita...."Bet your mother was easier". Man, you ARE CREATIVE. Hats off to u. I really liked YOUR caption.

Had I been near the picture..I wud have..mmmmm..well..mmmm...DONT make me go wild, plzz.. Lolz.

10V said...

maybe madame tussards can use this pic for promotion..: Caption: Our statues are more realistic..!!!

Anand said...

10V.....Shud I send a recommandation to madam T ?? U think?? Lol.
Ur caption, with Madam T's point of view..gets a 9 out of 10.
Well done..
U get a Winkie.

10V said...

Thanks andy...but my suggestion wouldnt be free for emme do it personally next time i m in london...hahaha

Anand said...

10V...way to go.. A new way of earning urself some casholaaa, eh?? Nicee..

ankita mehta said...

ahhh boy!!!!!!!! what a masterpiece !!! Your caption is the most apt!! ANIMAL EROTICA could be the caption I guess!!!

verdict: good picture quality!!!! Your camera works and anand you work wonders with your camera!!! hehehehe!

Olya said...

I think a good title for this article could be "Some like it hot" to understand the hidden meaning u have to be familiar with the movie which has the same title ( and to know the main characters. And another one is good but comes from Russian joke which states that "when you can't find any fish, you can substitute it with a lobster" simply meaning that when there is no real sex partner u use what u can find. LOL

Anand said...

Haha...Olya, 'Some like it hot' made sense. if the same kinda post happens again in this blog..u know the title already. ;)

Olya said...

Thank you so much, Anand, I'm glad you liked my idea! I'm honored. :)

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