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The Legend of Krishna - part 2

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David had dared himself into breaking the myth of the The Legend of Krishna ( Read The Legend of Krishna - Part 1 here).

The legend that had the followers of the lord believe that the Lord himself came down to the Garden of the Temple on chosen nights with his troupe of Gopis and danced the night away.

David had chosen a tree near the clearing in the forest and had hidden himself atop the branch high up in the tree. He just wanted to be a silent observer to the night's events ..IF anything happened.

His own conviction wasn't working on him. Somewhere deep inside he had known..something might..something big..something..out of the ordinary. Were the legends true? What if it was?
He wanted to drop his plan..he wanted so desperately to trust his instinct, get down that tree right at this moment and run to where life was.

It was around 1 in the night. He had relaxed a he had almost dozed off thrice. The night had seemed normal with it's usual sounds of the cricket, the bugs, the vile mosquitoes.

Suddenly...everything had gone if everything had stopped in it's path to listen.

The silence was deafening. Something was happening.

David was suddenly on high alert. He didn't know why..but he knew instinctively..something was about to happen. He strained to look beyond his own line of view. He had scanned every direction from his place up in the tree. He saw nothing. Yet, the silence had maintained.

And then...........he saw.
He saw something..someone...far at the end of his line of view.

David found it difficult to breath. He didn't know wot to think..wot to do.
He gripped the branch he was on tightly to be sure he didn't make any sound. He breathed ever so slowly.

Whoever he saw, was coming directly towards him. But he was a bit confused. He couldn't see clearly who it was but the sound he had heard was of more than 1 person...or did it seem that way? He strained to listen carefully. He was was more than 1 sound. What was that sound? What was it? It sounded like - light, dignified whispers of... women - talking.

Then, he saw what he had assumed on the basis of the sounds. Indeed, he saw more than 1 woman coming straight in his direction...talking, smiling and laughing with each other. There were around 20 women. He could hear them but couldn't understand what they talked of or about. Their language was alien to him. 1 in the night?
He waited. He watched. Something bothered him.

The women were dressed like they were going for a festival of some sort. They wore elegant and bright sarees in shades of green, pink, blue, red, orange..actually all the colors. And they all looked beautiful...undoubtedly.

As to who they were...he had no answer. Somehow the women had come at the very clearing where his tree was. They still talked, laughed and smiled at each other and at one point sat down on the green grass in the clearing. He could see them quite clearly now.

Something else was happening. A woman got up and looked in the direction they had come from. All of them got up and laughed and talked. Someone else was coming. SOMEONE ELSE WAS COMING. Who??

David looked on. He held his breath.

The women cheered on for that someone to come faster. The person came running and suddenly like that person was tired..stopped and started walking slowly..laughing.. That person was another WOMAN. This woman came right in the middle of the group and hugged everyone one by one..laughing and talking at the same time.
This lady was absolutely gorgeous..stunning. She was the most beautiful woman David had ever seen in his life.

Something still bothered him.

This time..for the first time...he heard something that made any sense to him. He heard the beauteous woman say to her soft tone of voice, "Vo aa rahe hain" (He's coming).

A shiver ran down his body as David realized whatt that probably meant.

He felt like he would explode if he didn't see who that someone was..
Was she talking bout.... NO.. that can't be.. Oh no.. no can't be..not him....

NOT HIM......

CAN IT ??? Can she really be talking 'bout....KRISHNA??????

For God's sakes.. David had forgotten everything..he had almost lost his mind.. He didn't feel anything..he couldn't sense anything.

He knew..Whatever happened next..he was going to remember it the rest of his life. He held on tight to the branch...ever so tight.

The women had all gathered and were looking in one direction...the direction they themselves had come from. They knew someone was coming...They knew HE was coming !!

The night had gone silent yet again...this time the silence seemed unbearable.
He had to see that someone before he went insane.

And then........he SAW....he saw a figure...far in the the direction straight ahead.

His eyes had widened. His heart beat like thousand drums at the same time..his tongue went dry...his hands held on tighter to the branch.

He saw that someone come closer. He could make out that, that someone was a HE. The women cheered. The gorgeous woman went a bit forward than the group to receive him and be the first to greet him.

David still wasn't able to see that person clearly. He held on..for he knew this is wot he had come to see.. Was the legend was about to come true?...

to be continued.......
( Read The Legend of Krishna - PART 3 here)

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Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

okie, I must let u on a lil secret. i am a very curious person by nature. So if some one is telling me something very interesting i hate it when they stop when it gets extremely exciting. i loved it, i cannot wait for the rest of the story to come out. its one of those stories i wud love to sit up late and listen to it from u complete with the expressions!

Anand said...

Self proclaimed..Ur alive..ur alivee..

Well, it's a big story and very very interesting..

Ill finish it as soon as possible. The 3rd part will be the sure.
Im enjoying jus as much as I hope the reder will enjoy reading.


10V said...

U do know this is increasing Blood pressures of women all over..including me.I m sure self proclaimed will agree with me...

As far as ur reply to my blog is concerned...U had said urself...words cant always express the the fact that u felt i was saying sternly...was just light bossing


todays writer said...

you are a great story writer! do you write suspense stories or scripts? If you dont, think about it;
there is a scarcity of good stories in Hindi cinema .
I read your blog for the first time, but will surely come back again and read the older posts and -the new ones . Like many others I eagerly await the third part the third part :)

jyotsana said...

hey so this one's too to b contd. now what next? i feel there's no david. u r writing an interesting piece of story. we r enjoying so go ahead.....

Ammalu said...

Hey..thx for coming by my blog n come by often :)I also breezed thru ur krishna posts.Interesting posts there..will be coming bac to check out how u ended it . :)

Anand said...

10v... I'm concerned with women's health..wot with Women's day jus gone by. Keep ur blood pressure under check...Im comin up with the last part of the story asap. :-)
Im problemo. :-)

Self Proclaimed..get well quick babyy..wotcha doin??

Anand said...

Today's Writer...awwwwww shuckss.. u r too generous with ur compliments. Such comments encurage people like me to write more. Thank u so much. Script writing?? well..maybe..a bit.

Jyotsana...The character David was truely there. Glad ur liking reading it as much as Im enjoying writing it.

Ammalu..Thanx. I will. The story will end the way it's actually rumoured to happen. I'm not making it up. haha..

Imp's Mom said...

wow! ur an awesome story teller...u had me hooked and im definitely coming back for more!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I guess he was dreaming... or was he? The sub-conscious is far more powerful than we think. It can make us see and believe things we want to... Is this it?

nituscorner said...

hey anand ...not fair still keeping us in suspense. when do we get to see krishna???

todays writer said...

hmmmmmm.... still waiting very very patiently for the next part........not at all hurrying you....:D

ARUNA said...

hey looks like u r an amazing story teller...after my granny u r the best,is there a continuation????????????

Anand said...

Imp's Mama.... Im soo glad ur liking my work. It's grt writing too.

Rakesh...I dare not reveal the story for your own satistcation. That wont be fun. If I do that U won't enjoy the ending. Read on. :-)

Anand said...

Today's writer.....No no, ur arent hurrying me AT ALL.. NO pressure tactic this...I agree.. HAhahaaaa....

Aruna.... Thankx so much. Not deserving though. No one...and I mean NO ONE can beat grannies at this art.
And YES there is a continuation. Wish U had checked the link at the end for the 3rd part.

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