Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In the Horror Jungles - "The BAJUS" Part 2.

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Don't read ahead till U have read the earlier story.
Click here to read part 1.

Read the concluding part:-

The figure moved slowly..in supreme confidence knowing well that the target was now his.

This time, although Agni's father stood still, the figure inched forward..coming closer and closer to the dim light. Slowly..as the light come upon the figure..Agni's father could see him better.

What he saw made him step back and recoil in pure horror. He was staring at evil incarnate. This was the DEVIL himself.

The hood he had mistaken for earlier was actually the long hair of the devil, that had covered the face.

As light fell onto it's face, the hair gave way. Agni's father saw the horror facing him. This 'thing' had no eyes..if it did..it was covered by a thin membrane of flesh upon it. Whether the eyes blinked from within...he couldn't tell.

The mouth - had no clown smile, as rumored. It was a big, sick, gaping black hole of an opening with rotten teeth and tongue. It's hands were large...huge..and dark black in color. The robe he wore either covered his legs well or..he sailed 2 inches above the ground.

The BAJU had inched himself now towards Agni's father's side of the road and it didn't seem like he was now going to stop coming forward. The BAJU had decreased the distance to no more than 30 steps between them.

The darkness of the surrounding forest seemed cruel..as if it somehow favored the devil in his task. Were there MORE hiding in there?? He hoped to God not.

Agni's father was in shock at the situation he was in. But being a strong willed person, he made an instant decision. He was going to try and escape. That was his only chance - escape.

He held his sharp Kukri in one hand, his thick long bamboo like stick in one, extended both his arms and shouted aloud.."Ruk Jaa. Ruk jaa warna yahan hi maar daalonnga." (Stop. Or I'll kill u right here.)

The voice boomed and the reaction was instant. The BAJU stopped immediately..maybe cuz he handn't expected this reaction from his victim. Or maybe cuz the voice he heard had threatening enough that coudn't be ignored.

Agni's father STOMPED his bamboo on the ground hard making a loud noise and once again shouted in a more threatening tone..."RUK JA. CHALA JA.. WARNA KAAT DALOONGA. ABHII."

The BAJU stood still like he was gauging the situation.

Agni's father was now backing away slowly from the devil in a round about turn...stomping the bamboo loudly with every step. He was taking a round turn and actually turning the way he was supposed to be going..never taking his eyes off the BAJU.

Agni's father kept backing up towards his way and increasing the distance from the BAJU. Slow and steady was doing the trick for him.

The BAJU still stood, yet undecided on action...facing Agni's father.

The distance kept getting bigger. Agni's father never took his eyes off the THING, never stopping the bamboo stomping. The distance grew.

The Baju still unmoving...Agni's father knew what he had to do now. For the first time, taking a big chance..he turned his back towards the devil..........and RAN.

The road was clear, and straight. Agni's father RAN FOR HIS DEAR LIFE !!

He ran like he had never run before. For a mere moment, almost out of breath, he looked back to see if the devil was following him.

NO. The BAJU had disappeared....and a tree seemed to have appeared quite close to the very spot where the Baju had been standing..............
Small villages. Low population. Deep forests.
They say the BAJUS have lived there for the last 500 years !!!

Nepal Jungles. Beware the BAJUS !!!

PS: This story has been narrated by Agni himself. He works as a watchman in Mumbai. His father now avoids forest areas.

27 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

Anonymous said...

wish i had not read this so late in d nite.. wish i can slp wel wid no BAJUS scarin me in my dreams.

Inspiration said...

Ha Ha Ha.. It didnt scare me though.. But should appreciate your effort and nice narration.

Keep up the good work.


Anand said...

Ramesh...I agree with u. I did too, when I had heard the original guy telling it to me.
Thank God, eh? :-)

Anand said...

Anonymous...hahaa..sorry pal.Didn't mean to. But the fact u said this...is amighty compliment in itself and well worth my effort.
Hope u dnt get a BJAU dream...uh...nightmare !!

Inspiration...Well....Glad it dint scare u..but next time.. u will. Watch out.

Inspiration said...

I hope so. Life mein kuch scary things ki bhi zaroori hai...

Keep it up.


10V said...

Interesting...But tell me something...Are u by any chance trying to figure out a side of God and Devil???

Pehle Krishna ka blog..and now this..???

Anand said...

Story writing is fun Tanvi.. I wonder if I can shake the way ppl think, if i canmake them believe... jus by the power of words..

Anand said...

Anonymous....Ahh, That's like it. Well said. Ok, u got more comin for sure then.
Like to reveal urself?

Anand said...

Anonymous...Ur enjoying this, arent u??

U seem like a nice...noty person. wink.

So, while we r talkin'..got any suggestions on my blog or anything regarding it?? Id apprecite it if u tell me.


Paper N Pencil said...

Oh My God! What a spooky, scary description??!!!

Hope i dont wake up in the middle of nite with goosepimples, with BAJU freeking me out !


Balvinder Singh said...

Hi , i am in transit, will be getting back to regular blogging after a few days.

Anand said...

Paper N Pencil...Watch out for more spook comin up.... Sleep with lites on..haha

Balvinder S.....Okies Sirji.

Jeevan said...

The narration was interesting than the horror BAJU. First I read this story in linktruck, but can’t comment. If not I read this post I won’t have know the full story. It is uneasy to observe such deep to bear us in imagine. Well written anand! And thanks for dropping by :)

Vee said...

To be honest, I was disappointed with ending.. There shud have been more action/interaction b/w Baju n Agni's father. But anyways, it is a true story so it is the way it shud be. And I wasn't scared and did not freak me out. May be it wud have if narrated than reading. May be. But good build up till the end. :)

P.S Yeah, the pic in the end is indeed creepy.

Amrita~Ams said...

I got scraed by pic..more....
gud read..add more masala..to make it more horrible ..;)..

P.S:thxs for stopping by my blog..I value ur tym..keep visiting :)

Anand said...


Vee..thanx man. Yep the story was a true incident. Imagine the guy who actually faced it?? tell u wot. The pic freaked me out too.. haha..

Anand said...

Amrita..more masala eh?? OKies..if thats wot u demand.

And for ur other words..ditto !!

Anand. :-)

nituscorner said...

I don't know what the story is about because i just din't have the guts to even see the pics , leave alone reading it.Lol!!

Anand said...

Jagjit.....Thanx buddy. That's a compliment to me.

Nitu...hahahaaa.. I don't blame u.
Give it another shot though... See if u can.

Balvinder Singh said...

Wow, Anand, by reading your links blog i came to know you as a master technocrat and now you have bared your other side as a master story teller. Well done and keep it up.

Anand said...

Ohh my..my.. Balvinder Singhji...
really.. I'm not so deserving. But thanks a ton really.
That's a huge huge cmpliment. I feel honured.

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