Thursday, February 21, 2008

hELL loTTA TiPS...

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Behold a brand New Blog on the block.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby announce Hell Lotta Tips..........ALIVE AND KICKING !!!

The Blog goes ONLINE today and delivers it's FIRST POST. Nurseee..Doctorr...Alle lle le le lleee..gillii gilli gilliii. See, it smiles.
Gosh, I'm excited man. I tell ya. U can make out, can't u?

Ok well, being short and sweet..and practical..I have now entered the world of Blogging.So all u guys already here.... WATCH OUT... and.. Girls...
Bachnaaaaa eh hasiinooon.....Lo main aagayaaaa...(sorry, bad joke. Ignore.)

I intend to make it grow big - quality wise.

Once I'm satisfied it's growing well, I shall be hunting for that special someone who I can rely upon to write with as much dedication n' love as I do. A partner sortof. If u wanna join in...send me a line.

So..U enjoy the blog, ur contribution in the form of comments wud be highly appreciated.

'Hell Lotta Tips' is PROUD to be ALIVE and KICKING !! Wooopieee..

1 Comment:

ankita mehta said...

A comprehensive compilation of informative,fun write ups ranging from humorous to patriotic,covers every aspect of speed living too. The blog not only takes u places but also enlightens and educates you. Its language makes it very "reader friendly" too.

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