Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aabra ka Daabra..Hocus Pocus..

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Today is the 14th of January. Sankrant.
U fly kites?U must. It's grt entertainment..really.
Happy Kite flying and a Happy New year..once again..

So hey, u Like MAGIC ? You do?? Okies then...have I ever got somethin' kool for u..

Ok first things first..

AABRA KA DAABRA..this is blo*dy ancient. Yo magician guys - grow up.
How bout a new magic calling ? How bout...Hu tu tu..oh terii..??? Kool enuff??
Samay ke saath

So that's established.

ok so...recently I was at 'OnToes' in Malad (Mumbai) (neat place to hang out with pals with some beer n' music). Friends all around, I thought of doin' this magic trick I had learned recently, especially since I was desperate to try it out on a sucker. Who better than a friend ?

Besides, this seemed to be the best place somehow with friends as my audience. If it went wrong, no big deal. So off I went with my 'performance' (aft a hell lotta practice at home ofcourse)...chanting...Hu tu tu ..oh terii....

Hadn't realized I was gonna be in for some real treat though.. as I performed, People from the other tables got curious and gathered round as I went on with it. My practice came in handy.

Believe me u, once I was done, I was cheered on with applause all around and a Bryan Adams number dedicated to 'urs truly' by the courteous DJ in da house, I think I musta made a few fans out there. ahh wot a day. I figure if I can do it, U can definitely do it. I'd love it if YOU get famous too, doing the same tricks I did. Maybe U'll be luckier and land up with a few chikie cell numbers, hmm? Tempting, eh?

So get set...
but BEFORE I tell u how..

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ok well, gettin' on with it..
This trick is known as the 'Hole in Pocket' trick..

Ready?? Ok...

Here's the EFFECT u wanna have:

U borrow a coin from someone and have him mark it. You say that you are always losing money through a hole in your pocket and then you drop the marked coin into your right Jeans pocket. Then u say, "U know, the weird thing is that the hole is not in this pocket (the one in which you dropped the coin), but in this one!" You then lift up your other foot (the left foot) and the borrowed marked coin appears from under there. Amazing..(snicker snicker)

Clap clap clap...
Hu tu tu tu tu tu..oh terii....

Here's How to do it. Read carefully n' practise a lot.

You need an extra coin ('ahhh' u say?? Yea yea that's how it's done).
Most guys have a 1 rupee coin on them, so u say you wanna borrow a 1 rupee coin from a dude or a chick u already hv ur eye on (snicker). Now...BEFORE u do all sure to secretly place the extra coin under your left foot or adjust it in ur socks). Now ur ready.

Have someone loan you a coin and ask him to mark it in some unusual way with a pen. 'ya like it matters', u secretly think. hehe...

Take the coin and just drop it into your right jeans pocket. Shake your leg (not sexually...unless u really want to. Lol) as if you are shaking the coin into the hole and down your leg . Then say, "The wierd thing is..that the hole is not in this pocket (the one in which you dropped the coin), but in this one!" You lift up your other foot and the borrowed coin is there! Voilaa..
Hu tu tu tu tu tu..oh terii....

N' now - here's where you really trick everyone :

Pick up the coin from under ur foot or ur sock with your right hand and place it (don't drop it) into the right jeans pocket. Make a quick switch with the coin (already in the pocket) with the same hand. With your hand still in the pocket, look confused and say, "I'm sorry, did you lend me this or was it mine?" and take out the marked coin n' show it to the audience. The guy will thoroughly inspect the coin as if it has some supernatural powers and finally tell you it was his coin (the marked one).
U hv to keep smiling devilishly. That's ur part.

Take a Bow, Mr Mandrake the magician. If they ask how u did it..lift one of ur eyebrows, look straight in their eyes n' say filmy style "Magicians..never tell. yo."

All u gotta do now is wait for ppl to go crazy bout u. Enjoy the applause. If someone pushes a book at u sayin..autograph plzzzz...Sign it. Don't be rude. U can alternatively ask for free beer. Jus' mite work. After all ur the celebrity between them.
Hu tu tu tu tu tu..oh terii....

Wanna learn one more??

This trick exceeds in it's stupidity but it works..dammit.
U can get free drink if u do it fast n' do it right. I enjoy doin' it so often that now I'm afraid I mite get killed if I try it again with the suckers who've already been had by me once or twice.

Here it is..
Challenge a friend in a pub who already has a nice-looking KF or Bud-w glass on his table (I'm assuming u know wot KF and Bud-w is. If u don't - jus think beer)

Tell him you gonna try doin' something impossible... that it's real tough but u'll still attempt it to prove u were Napoleon in ur earlier birth or wotever else u can think innovative.

Place the beer mat or any cover over the top of his glass. Now offer him a bet. Say that you will bet him 10 bucks (no more - be cheap) that you can drink his beer without moving or touching his glass or the beer mat. If u lose, he gets the money rite here, rite now (keep the 10 buck note handy). Wait for him to accept the bet that he thinks is completely impossible (it is..hehee)..
Once he accepts...

Don't wait..
Quickly remove the beer mat, lift his glass and drink away his beer. Now, look at your real confused friend and say,"Dude, it was really impossible. U win. Maybe I wasn't Napoleon after all." and hand over ur 10 bucks to him.

You lost the bet, Fine.

But that was one hell of a cheap beer, eh? Only 10 bucks worth. Hahaa.
p.s: Make sure your pal has a sense of humor. If he doesn't, be prepared for a black eye.

Wotever happens..I want to know all about it..
in intricate details, ok??

Enjoy !!!

ps; This may be my last post for Jan. I'm travelling.

4 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

10V said... i know what you have been doing on ur weekly

Good ones..i m still confused abt the coin one..but the second one seems worth

nehal said...

good one

het but about Ur age darling U were a year ahead in school and U r still mid 20s abd i thought only girls lie about their age


Anand said...

Nehal.............My age?? Wot bout it?? I'm still young to preach but old enuff to vote and I def will this time around.

1000 bucks for your thoughts?



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