Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shamelessly expressed..

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Words...when weaved together...can move mountains.

Shamelessly expressed,
yet mysteriously hidden so-
Words scattered carelessly,
Tears now threatening to show.

Here I stand before you
Naked than ever before -
I sold my soul to emptiness
Hope - I have no more.

I turn my face away from you,
To not see you turning your back on me;
I dry my tears as fast as I can,
Before you can pretend not to see.

I fiercely hold my words back,
Before you can act aloof;
And drown myself in irrelevance
My scars, the only remaining proof.

I watch you sleep blissfully
While I die a little each day,
I close my eyes and speak to the silence
Of everything you didn’t let me say.

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Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

what i really like abt u is tht u r honest! im not a song/ poem person, but i love these lines!!!!!!!! they r beautiful

Inspiration said...

Great Peom yaar, very well expressed...

"Many at times silence speaks more than words"

Wanna dedicate these lines to everyone who write such beautiful poems like just you did

"Orifice asked for Inspiration
Now its only you and your Motivation
Today I searched for bonding Emotion
Now it’s only you and your Decision
Heart is lonely in the horde
Am afraid you would be disappeared in the Crowd
Happiness flowing like a river
I got you, I got my life your near"


Nehal said...

good one and yes it is so true especially
I close my eyes and speak to the silence
Of everything you didn’t let me say.

wah wah

Anonymous said...

beautiful.. every word n every line.. consider urslf blessed coz u ve dis ability to scramble such beautiful words which seep rite into hearts.

Anand said...

Self Proclaimed.....Words have their own beauty...and so does honesty. Thank u. :-)

Anand said...

Inspiration....Ur rite. U write pretty well too. Budding poet, r u?? hmm?? :-)

Nehal....Thank u thank u..but these words r not mine. Heee

Anand said...

Anonymous....That really felt nice. Thank u. Bless u too. :-)

java junkie said...

oh...very touching. i mean ... too good. u got me all teary eyed wit this one n am not complaining. such beautiful thoughts wit a touch of simplicity.this ones gonna haunt me for a long long time.

Anand said...

Java Junkie...... Awwwww... Well..yea words have this magic of playing with emotions. Glad u liked it. :-)

java junkie said...

liked it??? . Boy i loved it.must have read it ... like ... 25 times since the first time.

Anand said...

Java Junkie.......man, I got u involved in word magic. Gimme a High-five, dude. Lol.
Let's see how u like my other stuff too. Lemme know..hmm? :-)

Sakshi said...

u write poems too??? man where were u all these years?? wink wink

Imp's Mom said...

U've left me speechless!! words when strung together have their own beauty...their own flow...

Anand said...

Sexy honey........I was in hiding cuz I knew u were looking. Lol.

ankita mehta said...

Silence speaks a thousand words!!All I can say is
"The right word may be effective,but no word was ever effective as a rightly timed pause"- Mark twain.

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