Monday, December 14, 2009

How to see your Future...God's traffic.

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Extended thinking. The more u think of the complexities and the working of God's mind, the more u respect him out of utter disbelief in his knowledge and foresight of things he created.

He made everything? That's huge.
I have a small iddy biddy feeling though. I think he's had help. Maybe like Santa and his team of Elves?

OK, I really do think God has a team. Yep !!
A Galaxy class team made up of the super greatest in every field possible ever born...made.

So God and his team worked together and made Earth. As if that wasn't unbelievable enough..they went ahead and invented their best creation yet - the highly functional yet the ultra fragile - "Man" !!

But hold it, this is not what I'm talking about. Sure.. making Earth and Man was brilliant..BUT the way they planned on how to connect Earth with MAN and vice-versa is what is utterly unbelievable, highly unimaginable and pure, raw genius.

The Creative God mode team went into thinking on:
a. How MAN is to be made keeping the connect as the focus.
b. How he is to be linked to the world that he will be staying in.
c. How that link will be an Open Secret (like a source code) for any man to understand if he chooses to see out of the box.
d. How that link can provide him a futuristic view of his own life at a later stage and how to deal with it.

No get? You will. Have patience. Read on..

Ok, so they all sat together and hit upon an idea.They thought...Hey why don't we make man like we made Earth and make him in such a way that he is actually the best reflection of the world itself within and outside?

They meant...that they wanted man to be and to have the literal, physical world within himself. They intended man to look at his own self and then look at anything in the world or the world itself as a whole and think...Hey, this is me too.

A bit toughie again??
Arightie..this is really unexplainable unless explained by an example.

So here's one. Something that we all are aware of and see it everyday.
That example is TRAFFIC !!

God and his engineers meant man to one day in his life, at any stage or age to look at the Road and it's traffic and think that his own life is actually nothing but it's very Reflection.

The similarities in Traffic and one's life are too many to be mere coincidences and way too many to be jotted down here. So I'll put in jus' a few and I know you will figure out the rest yourself and know wot I'm getting at.

Here's what God and his creative team wanted us to see one day:

Traffic and You:

Traffic - You begin somewhere.
Life - You are born.

Traffic - You have to go in a vehicle.
Life - Your soul gets a body as a vehicle.

Traffic - You have to go in a particular direction.
Life - You grow

Traffic - You have to maintain the vehicle to keep going. The better u maintain it, the better the performance of the vehicle.
Life - You workout to stay fit and healthy. The better u care for Yourself, the healthier u get.

Traffic - You have to make regular stops for gas.
Life - You have to eat at regular intervals to keep your energy up.

Traffic - You sometimes pamper Ur vehicle with accessories or shines.
Life - You pamper I need to explain how??

Traffic - The road sometimes gets irritatingly uneven or downright patchy so u just can't drive. Yet..since you have to reach somewhere, you have to keep going.
Life - Life sometimes gets you into situations that jus' can't be helped. You have no choice but to keep going somehow.

Traffic - The road is sometimes extremely uphill, and at times too smooth.
Life - Sometimes in life you experience the worst hardships ever and at times everythin' works like a charm.

Traffic - Sometimes you get a red light at every signal that makes you stop. You try cutting it and u risk getting caught and pay the fine. And sometimes it's green light all the way...go figure.
Life - Sometimes u miss chances by a hair-breath every time u try. Your luck doesn't support u. While sometimes your name precedes you and you're sailing smooth waters.

and finally.....

Traffic - The road has 2 sides. One to come and one to go.
Life - You are born and you.....die. The vehicle is the same.

In other words, mentally and physically , MAN is an exact replica of the world at large itself yet....not quite so. Not unless you see it that way. How brilliant is that??

Do u see the futuristic approach and thought of the creator and his team? Do u realize the magnitude of the crazy genius work that must have gone into making us?? Oh mah Gawd !!!

Wanna see your future???
Observe Traffic around you. That's YOUR life. Figure it out.

And I now leave you with this thought....

Is it really mere coincidence that the Earth is made up of 70% of water and SO..ARE...WE???

You know of some more of God's amazing mysteries??? Tell me here. I would like to know.

24 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

Tanvi said...

First again...too bad i m not able to keep in touch regularly...How is g3 doing?

Will read the blog now...

Anand said...

G3?? Believe it or not..Most of the G3..infact all of them are now in INDIA. Hell yeah.. I am now looking for a place to hide. :-)

ankita mehta said...

Man is the most mind boggling invention of the greatest scientist ever-"the Almighty"!

Verdict: wonderful use of the "traffic example" to
interpret and explain the most philosophical and cosmic connection- that is Man and its connection with the universe! Khalil Gibran watch out for this post!!!

Gyanban said...

God is the project manager from an alien civilization,
he was entrusted to sow the seeds of evolution,
he kick started the earth project,
each days for 7 subjects,

His appraisals soared as he created project man,
He was given team leads to further plan,
Team leads came to earth
To make man know his worth,

Team leads set the ball rolling,
and went back without falling,
Man went into self destruct mode,
there must be something wrong with the code,

now it's time to re boot,
and man gives two hoot,
some still pray
That maybe He will show us the way...

Anand said...


Team leads may have come and left,
Some Men saw the point and wept,
They now fight to straighten the code,
To make it right before they meet the lord,

There's still time for that Reboot,
Time still before the final shoot.
Lord need jus give strength is wot we ask,
So things r ok again and in his glory we can bask.

Well appreciated Gyanban. Thanx for your visit.

Self- Proclaimed Shoe Addict said...

i am not good at poetry but i GOTTA say it was awesome! it really makes you wonder ya know. I mean how did v come to this world? and they say, human body has the best engg and mechanics known to mankind. I loved the way u put the similarity between traffic and life. ok i gotta go (lemme take a shot at this poetry thing) c ya later, alligator!!!!! ;D

Anand said...

Hey Selfie, Gyanban's poetry or mine did u mean?
How YOU came in this world is wot I wonder usually. Heee.
And hey, thanx. Take a potshot at poems n give us some hell of a poetry dude. Go for it.

ankita mehta said...

the gyanban is truly gyaani!!! impressive verse!!!

Imp's Mom said...

Man!! what a comparison ya... bloody awesome.

Traffic to me is utter chaos, and yet there is a sense of order in that chaos.

real good poetry too, both of them...and anand u seriously can write ur own, instead of googling up stuff and using them for ur posts!

Anand said...

Hey IMpiee...I was jus thinking of the comparison one day and I jotted it down. sense in chaos is rite.
Thanx ya. :-)

Wot did I google up?

Imp's Mom said...

the poems on ur old post... were googled up rite? u write such good stuff ya :)

Shafi said...

i'll try reading it once again . .. sh.. !

Anand said...

Yea. One of them was. I had found it to be worth distributing.

Aww thanx yaar. Appreciate it... lekin smetimes its writers block all the way. Wot to do? :-)

Anand said...

Hey Shafi boi, wassup?? Sure read it again...I hope u agree with my funda. Let me know.

Anand said...

Hey Sheril, it was jus some thing off the top of my head. To me it made sense.
Thanx. :-)

V Rakesh said...

Andy, how have U been?

I've been away from my fellow bloggers and their blogs for a long time now and feel disconnected....! Feels good to be back!

Wishing you and folks a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Anand said...

Hey Rakesh...wassup??

Well...I hope u get connect soon now. Merry Xmas buddy and a very happy new year to u too. :-)

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