Saturday, November 21, 2009

26/11 : One Voice - Will it ever be yours???

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I am an Indian - a common man but in no sense 'average'.

I find myself in the blue room of a venue that is holding political speeches. I hold a special pass issued to non-political party persons acquired to get some photographs and autographs of some of the affluent gathered.

The next political member is late for his speech and it will take at least 10 minutes for him to reach the dais. The crowd is a 1000 strong. 5 minutes of nothing on stage in front of such an overwhelming crowd could result in restlessness and 10 could cause damage.

They pick me up off the blue room in a hurry and put me on stage to entertain the crowd with anything I can. My orders are clear - "Do whatever you want to, just occupy them for 10 minutes."

And there I was - suddenly facing the huge crowd.

I have no entertainment agenda in my mind. 26/11 approaches, I visualize the graphic scenes of the Taj Carnage and adrenaline rushes in, takes me over and I let out all that was bottled up for years.

I take the mike. I look at the 1000 pairs of eyes staring back at me, clench my jaws, part my dry lips and let the words come out in slow but sure footings........
"GOOD EVENING...", I utter.

The BOOM of my 2 words ring across space and I sense the sudden silence in the crowd as I wait for a few seconds for them to settle down and focus on me...and then I go on..

My name is not important. The color of my skin, my life style or what religion I follow are not as important as my nationality is. an Indian and I am your brother. So hear this:

All across India, something is stirring. What the Politicians of our country never want to acknowledge is that it has never been about them - It has always been and is - about Us. Us - the people of the country.

Even as I speak, there are those, across our borders, devising plans to divide us. There are those who embrace the leadership of "kill to achieve" and thrive in their thoughts of pushing us - you and me - back to dark ages, poverty and slavery.

This I say to them...Beware: This is not an old country in chains anymore. You are now looking at a New India. The India with intelligence and strength enough to protect itself and standards to beat any other. So either you accept us as a force to recon with or upgrade your own standards.

Time has changed. This is not a Hindu India, not a Muslim India, not a Marathi or a Bhaiyaa India anymore.
To those who see it in such a light are to be pitied, for in this erroneous belief, they themselves become a target by evil that is eager to once again try the 'divide and Rule' within us.

The only India that is now and one that we choose to have is the one that is UNITED in diversity - like the 5 fingers of one hand. We fight and we swear, we cry and we share. But we behave like a family.

My dear India,
DON'T we collectively become sad as a nation when we lose a match?
DON'T we shed a silent tear when our Soldiers lay down their lives for us?
DON'T we hold our heads high in pride when one of us makes our country proud?
DON'T we come together as one in Joy when we celebrate our diverse festivals?

YES we do !! Physically divided by states - Emotionally United by the Tri Color.

But what about the basics?
When you see a hungry child begging on the street?

I ask the so-called caretakers of this Nation...and in the same breath to YOU and my own self..

How can you allow this kind of suffering ?
How can you allow this kind of hopelessness to exist in our country?
With a billion thinking heads, is poverty an impossible monster that can't be wiped out?

Can we afford to lose the generation of tomorrow's doctors, leaders, scientists and teachers to poverty? Can we?

What is that belief that keeps us going? It's a belief that we live in a country that gives us our freedom of choice. Each of us has the freedom to make of our own lives as we will.

Remember 26/11 - when Mumbai was Raped??
Were you there to light the candles at the citizen Peace march?? Or did you just see it on TV? The souls of the dead must have expected you to be there with last time. Were you there??

Without saying much about that ghastly RAPE....
I only urge the stronger hands of our elders and leaders to hold us tight and tell us that they will not let go the next time.

In the worst of the storm,
in the fieriest of the rains,
let those that are in power join hands tighter than the grip of mountains and surround us with their protective shield and keep us safe.
when we need them the most....let those hands pledge to be there to protect and guide us in our times of need.

India, we cannot turn back now. we must pledge once more. Pledge to march proudly into the future, our heads held high.

Make a promise to make a change.

Change will happen when we come together as one and demand:
New ideas,
New Politics,
New responsibilities
New accountabilities and
New approach towards the bright future that we march for.

Let us make that change.
And that Change does not have to come from India. Instead, it has to come TO India. WE......are that change.

ONE voice can make a difference.

One voice can change a room.
if it can change a room, it can change a City.
if it can change a City, it can change a State.
And if it can change a state, it can change a Nation.

AND IF it can change a NATION......IT CAN CHANGE THE WORLD !!!

(but will it ever be yours?)

God bless Mother India !!! JAI HIND !!!
And....they ask me to come back as I see the next speaker ready for his speech. I realize I had taken exactly 9 minutes and a few seconds to let my feelings out. And I suddenly wondered - how can something bottled up for years be told in mere 9 minutes and a few seconds?

"Thank you for bearing with me" - I silently tell the open eyed faces and clapping hands and I head off the dais and for home.

(This blog post is a work of fiction. The intention of this write-up is not to hurt anyone's sentiments in anyway whatsoever. The photographs are for representation purposes only.)

21 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

10V said...

Very touching Speech dude...i m just hoping its a food for thought for atleast 20% of the people hearing u at that time..


P.S: I m the first one to post. :)

ankita mehta said...

true, we are no "mango people"! We are Indians are very special!!! I pledge to be a part of this change! We are the most optimistic breed on this mother earth who undergo the "fear factor" everyday and come back home smilingly waiting for the hopeful tomorrow!India embraces everybody with an open heart be it swine flu too! Hats off to the indomitable spirit of "us"!!! just one word- powerful and heart rendering speech oozing out"deshbakti" in true sense of the word!! Proud to be a "bhartiya"! VANDE MATRAM!!

Razzer said...

Ankita... Well said. Thanx so much. And yes - Remembering 26/11....May God give peace to the souls of the innocent lives that were lost.

Razzer said...

Ramesh....Thanx so much. Im doin grt brother and I Wish the same for u. CHeerio.

Sakshi said...

Why is that your posts doesn't update in my reader...Andy pandy have you blocked me from your blog? grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Razzer said...

Sexy baby......Block u?? Do I even dare??

Wot u need to do is..take ur reader, throw it on the ground, jump on it a few times then abuse it with ur choicest. And then threaten it by sayin you will be it's friend ur entire life.

It's gotta start working then. U will see.

Jyoti said...

straight frm the heart and so true.

our so called leaders are following the divide n rule so well...makes me wonder how its all gonna end.

good post ya.

Razzer said...

Hey Jo, Damn rite. Straight frm the heart. Hey dont think of the end so soon. :-)

Thanx ya. Flying kiss to u. lol.

Sakshi said...

Oh gosh am speechless after reading your masterpiece *gulp* One thing is for sure if you ever contest an election I will vote for you :) Conditions apply**

**As long as you keep G3 happy your chair will not rock!!!

Razzer said...

Hey Sexy, sup? Speechless? Really?? :-)
If I ever run an election in my life...I wont ask for votes. Instead I'll ask for 1 solution per person to wotever problem that person can provide. That way, even if I dont win..atleast we'll hv the solutions to problems frm ppl who might hv voted for me. :-)

And yeah..I'll try and keep the dreaded G3 happy...uh....conditions apply !!! Wink wink*...

Smitha said...

Wow! That was spell binding..

I certainly wish politicians thought like you..

Razzer said...

Hey Smita, Thanx.
Im sure they do think like that. And rite after that thought......they slap themselves fr thinking that way.

In this country, the FASTEST and the best way to make money is to get into politics.

Ava said...

Good.. this is exactly the attitude each Indian should have..kudos

Dishilicious said...

WOW!!! great post! i know exactly what you mean. This pretty much applies to my lil' country too. only if everyone thought this way.

I'm gonna share your post :)

Razzer said...

Hey Dishi.....How u doin??
Thanx ya. Yep and I agree Im sure it appiles to ur country as well. Love ur country.

Be in touch. :-)

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