Thursday, February 28, 2008

One Website Niche You Should Avoid

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Baby,this is one you gotta read.This one of the better ones for sometime to come.You figure out wot the real deal is and u come that much closer to the truth.

One of the most common ways people get lured into starting an online business is by discovering an affiliate or MLM (multi-level marketing) “make-money-online” program.

Usually, they promise lucrative profits if you promote a pre-created, turnkey website and get other people to join the program and/or buy certain products. and are two programs that come to mind, but there are many more.

One major flaw with these programs is they don’t tell you that in order to make money you are going to have to drive thousands of targeted visitors to your site per day.

Not an easy task:

Also, it’s difficult to convince total strangers to pay their money for a program that does not guarantee a return on their investment.

People are incredibly skeptical about programs that ask for upfront money in order to make money (and they should be), so immediately the cards are stacked against you.

Just because the company has provided you with your own turnkey website, that doesn’t mean you are any closer to striking gold. In fact, they are leading you into a false sense of hope and security.

Here are more reasons to avoid the “Make Money Online” niche…

How can you expect people to trust you if you aren’t making money yourself?
People who make a lot of money online have spent years building credibility from an audience who trusts them.

They do that by providing useful advice that actually helps their audience. Over time, they develop large mailing lists, faithful blog subscribers and/or loyal website visitors.

When you do this, it’s much easier to make money online because when you recommend a product or service, that credibility you’ve earned now works in your favor.

Your audience trusts you and they are more likely to buy something you recommend.

People often believe that the best way to make money online is to join a program that teaches others how to make money. When that’s probably one of the worst niches (unless you are really making a lot yourself and you can help others succeed.)

The reality is, you begin living a lie. You’re encouraging people to fork over money for a chance at making money when you don’t fully believe or know how to master this program yourself.

So you end up recruiting more people who recruit more people who recruit more people on the hopes of getting rich someday.

The replicated, turnkey website you receive does you no favors.
The problem with those pre-created websites that you receive is they are not unique.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. are now smart enough to realize it’s just a duplicate of the other 180,000+ member sites in the program.

So reeling in all that free, targeted traffic like Webmasters who have their own domains with unique content will be next to impossible.

The money making niche is too saturated.
Type make money in Google and look at the total number of results on the top right-hand side. That number right there should be enough to scare you away.

The topic is saturated to no end so getting found, even if you had your own domain name, is a very tall task.

There Are Always Exceptions:

I don’t want to imply that no one ever makes money from these kinds of programs. A few people do, but they are the exception more than the rule.

Some people are extremely marketing savvy and/or have the initial income to advertise and compete. So of course there are always going to be those select few who do well.

But you should still proceed with caution. Often times companies add fake testimonials to make it look as if there are more successful people than there really are.

Isn’t it funny that no one ever knows any of these people personally? And if that many people are making so much money, why aren’t they featured on the national news more?

Who are those people smiling on the site with the six-figure income totals under their pictures?

And why don’t they ever provide an email address so you can contact them and ask questions?


The Bottom Line
If you want to increase your chance of success online, choose a topic that interests you and build a useful website on that.

You don’t have to promote “how to make money” programs to make money online. You could create a site on cooking and recommend kitchen gadgets and other products related to your topic.

Yes, that means there is work involved and you probably are going to have to learn how to build and manage your own website. Making money takes work, and there’s no way around that, I promise.

- If you’re allergic to the concept of work, this is not for you.

- If you need money immediately, this is not for you.

- If you are constantly looking for shortcuts to success, this is not for you.

- If you cannot accept the fact it may take months before you see any money, this is not for you.

Well,what can I say...My intentions are 'usually' good and sometimes I feel i'm born to tell my brethren...The Truth Is Out There.
lol.Over n' Out.

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ankita mehta said...

Right said Fred!!!! Learn to earn money and not catch hold of it!!

"khyunn paisa paisa karti.........." nahi karo karo but sambhal kar, dhyaan se....!

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