Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Some pretty darn good advices from the blog-gurus to me which I now dispense to you with a sense of responsibility.

Is Writing Content a Chore For You?
To me, It's not a chore, rather a challenge to figure out wt to write next.

You know,One of the most common mistakes Blog writers make is they don’t define who they are targeting...especially those with ad sense on it. I haven't either. I'm figuring it out.

Now that everyone is learning they can profit online by writing about any topic and adding Google ads, people are often mislead.
It’s not just about publishing as much content as you can, on one subject and waiting for the money to just pour in.

Become a Better Writer… if you can ! Not easy mind u..but nothing is..initially, rite??

How you communicate with your audience is a critical component of having a successful website / says one blog guru...and I believe.

If your audience doesn’t feel that all-important connection with you, the chances of them buying products from you (or products you recommend), even coming back to visit u are slim to none.
Don’t underestimate the power of your imagination though. (Im assuming u hv it, rite?? lol )

Do You Struggle With Creativity?
A lot of people say,“Man,I’m not creative enough to build an interesting site (or blog).” And while I believe creativity comes easier for some than others, there are ways you can spark creativity into your site or blog whether you feel you have that special gene or not.

The point is...keep on at it, get your feet wet and muddy doing it as much as u can.. u will see the shining light soon enuff n that's a guarantee, provided u stick on long .

3 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

Tanvi said...

Hi,Nice tip on blogging.I'm a new blogger and I realise how important it is to be creative on content.
Anyways,Thanx and best of luck.

ankita mehta said...

HEY,very useful suggestions!! If ever I start my blog, I'll keep these suggestions in mind!!

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