Monday, December 15, 2008

Angry as Hell - Mumbai.

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Excuse me if I use U for you and such..proves I'm from this generation or maybe that I know the all mighty chat lingo. Either way, it don't make much of a difference. Just to make things clear, I can write the way it should be n' definitely speak that way..(keeping U as you in mind when I say u, mind u. lol)

Ok well, that taken care of.. I want u to know that I'm a Mumbai boy..born n bought up here so it's only obvious that I cant keep myself from commenting on the dreaded cowardly terrorist acts here...n I don't have only Taj in my mind.

U know, it definitely cud have been u. Cuda been my brother, friends for all I know. We were fortunate. Now I don't even know wot WE means anymore. How small or big is WE ??

Other ppl died. Other? Wot does 'other' mean?? I'm an 'other' guy for u and u for it? where the hell's "US" gone??

I'm angry and u r angry..yes definitely..n stay that way ... I was on track with the Gandhi way jus before the attacks..but more...Enough is enuff..has taken over me.

I was one of the many drops in the Mumbai peace march rain that pored on the 3nd of December 2008. I participated cuz I love Mumbai, cuz I felt the heat, cuz I wanted the world at large know that this time I AM SERIOUS, Cuz I wanted to make a difference. I guess we all did.

Well, I believe we really did start something there...and I dunno bout u all but I plan to continue it. I plan to make a serious difference. Cuz Im angry, man..real angry.

U know Shobha de says it right n I quote her words "Impotent anger, at such a time, is worthless. Anger must be mobilized and redirected towards serving a bigger objective." Well, too true Shobha (if u ever happen to read this - pardon me for bein on the first name basis,tho younger to u but I'm like this only) n I completely believe.

Shobha n''s something for you guys to chew on....we all KNOW wot the hell happened and we are angry too..but... B U T..

Give us the rope that shows direction, a rope so raw that we can feel its heat of friction in our palms and we can see it being held by powerful hands on the other side so we know those hands wont let go n let us drop.

Show us the real practical way to go where we can actually put our feet n walk n feel it for real..push us if need be...order us if required..

Don't say we shud do this n we shud do us HOW... if u cant do that... well then, wot kinda experts or grown ups r u anyways??? Shobha de n like - u listening??

Hope u all got the point here.. Im a Bombaykar..Mumbaikar..from Mumbai..wotever..and this is My point of view.

Im off.. Lemme know wot u think of all

Oh n by the way.. Stay Angry Mumbaikar - stay hell angry....and as a popular radio station wud say...politicians ki..bajate raho..

3 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

10V said...

U r right dude that we need to channelise our anger...but i also remember something that someone mentioned on radio today...

Be the change you want to see in the world- by M.K.Gandhi.

So WE need to start with ourselves...Why do we accept injustice?? why do we have the CHALTA HAI attitude??? Why are we part of the system that does not work unless shown the green paper???

Its time WE change our ways to change the system and eventually the country.

Anand said...

Tanvi....................Agreed. We need to change, absolutely.

ankita mehta said...

What an impact these lines throw!!!! I feel my blood boiling not just because of the scorching heat but also because of this post!! Yeah, Anger should find a right expression so that it proves to be fruitful.

Its high time that we should act and not just talk!!

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