Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Internet Explorer Hijack...

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Ok U know, first of all it's bad enuff to have a browser called Internet explorer on ur pc and the worst happens when it gets hijacked. Bloody terrorists everywhere...

Did you guys know that 9 out of every 10 computer users had their browser’s home page hijacked at least once? Yep that's true.

Internet explorer is a perfect victim for malicious codes that change the default home page of the browser to anything it wants.
So if you currently have this terrorist on ur personal pc..and u r lookin for a solution to do somethin 'bout it..read on my fellow victims..

U wonder what the heck is hijacking of Internet explorer homepage?
Well, it's a security loophole in the damn browser that could allow malicious code to directly make changes to the registry of your Windows operating system such that the home page settings could be altered to some other websites homepage. N u jus can't take it off however n wotever u try... irritating I know.

So u ask...Why am I unable to reset the home page in Internet explorer settings window?
Well, You try to reset the home page in Internet explorer settings window but it keeps going back to that other website's homepage. Well, U should know that this is happening cuz there is a piece of programming code that is getting loaded as soon as you start your computer and that code watches the Internet explorer’s home page settings and keeps resetting it every time you boot the system, get it??

So then how to fix the damn thing??
Ook, it’s pretty easy to fix it actually. Do the following n bring that toothy smile back on ur faces..
Download Spybot-S&D. It's a software that examines vulnerable parts of your system. The software is free and works very well. Install it and run a scan.

Click Start > Run and type %TEMP% in the run prompt. Hit Enter. This will open up the folder that stores temporary files often left behind by application installer. Delete all the files. You may not be able to delete some of them as they might be used at the moment.
Delete as many as you can.

After you are done with the above steps, and if the problem still persists, this is what you should now be doing...

Open registry editor, Start > Run > regedit, and navigate to the following keys in the registry, one by one, and look for Default_Page_URL key on the right.
That’s what should be changed to whatever you want. Also check the Start Page key and Default_Page_URL key matches.[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet
Explorer\Main] .

Now now guys, get that confused look off your faces..the above stuff is not really difficult..focus for a minute and read properly..I guarantee U shud get it.

And well...thats about it.. done. Problem solved.. Fu##@#^^ terrorist vanquished..and YOU are the mighty NSG commando. Jai Hind !!

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ankita mehta said...

WOW!! that was something!! I did not get it completely. But I use Google chrome and not IE. Is that fine??

Anand said...

wow, Ihad written this post in the 16th century. Yep, Chrome is no problemo my dear. :)

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