Monday, December 22, 2008

India Intruded again..

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Day : August 28 2008

Intrusion site: The Gateway of India, Mumbai.

Before Mr terrorist Kasab n' gang came over, some other 'non-Indians' had secretly intruded the territory of India. A non entity flew down to Mumbai in an unrecognized, unidentified vehicle.

The purpose - unknown.
Reasoning assumption : Recce.

Maybe there would be another one on one with Mumbaikars at close quarters at some later date? No one knows. Regardless, We need to be prepared.

Interestingly, the United States of America has witnessed these intrusions more often. Infact most in the world.

India - Hardly ever.

The good news is that while the intruders were on with their own, they were caught...on video camera. Clearly.

I'm not aware if the CSETI (Center for the study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has been informed about it (they should be). The main problem is that except for those who pursue these kinds of intrusions, not many in this world seem to know much about it. And the people pursuing this are in a minority.

I'm talking about an Un-identified Flying Object (a UFO) - sans Jadoo that loomed over Mumbai for a few seconds before zooming off in the sky at unprecedented speed.

Actually, Mumbaikars witnessed a UFO in the skies at the Gateway of India. The UFO came out of nowhere into the sky. It remained there for a few seconds and then vanished in the midst of clouds.

A dude that time had brains enuff to record it. His brain worked over time when he posted it on YouTube. Search for it. U shud be able to find it.

Unfortunately (or fortunately if u ask me), no green guy, no Jadoo jumped down. I wonder if the UFO came down cuz some dude was punching those haunting 4 cords on his computer with a music software in it? No?? Nahhhhh...not likely.

Guys, this was supposedly one of the most visible UFO sightings in the country. The flying UFO had also been sighted at Thane and Kalyan. Suddenly many mumbaikars claimed to have witnessed the object. Kool.

A small thing on UFO for those who came in late :
A UFO has been described as....ahhh, never mind...It's boring. All I wanna say is..

Man..Wot a concept yaar. One should be caught n' examined, don't u think? How will the real Jadoo or little green men, as they r made out to be, be like?? Ramsay brothers ki horror flicks? (ya, rite !) Ramsay brothers ke bhoot se bhaagti hui ladki? Ramsay brothers ka mask wala bhoot? us who watch Ramsay bros movies for some comedy fun.
Or..Jus plain like tourists in Goa??

They say UFOs hv been caught n' kept by the Americans for sometime now but they keep it as one of the best kept secrets of the world. The reason - Not surprisingly - to learn their technology and be more powerful in the ways of the world. Ok..Yawwnnn...

Hey, U think there is probably some another world beyond our earth and the sighting of UFOs confirms this?

I'd love to know wot u think. Yea?

5 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

urvashi said...

haha, i liked the ramsay brothers bit. Good blog. Write more.thanx.

ankita mehta said...

All I have seen Jaadu in Koi mil gaya and nowhere else!!!! Another world exists?? who cares! I love my planet and the world I am living in and I desire to make it a better place to live in!!

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