Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where's your heaven ??

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I was traveling. But now..I'm BACK - Safe n' sound.
Back from a place so dreaded that it's mere thought in January makes people go weak in the knees. I knew I was going on a risky trail. I knew once I reached there, I wud have to fight a 2 headed dragon that possessed vicious anger. Really !!!

Lekin vo kya jeetega maidan-e-jung, jo chalta hi ghutno ke bal hai. Aadab !!

So I kept my chin up, held my head high n' focused on the task that lay ahead.. and like a man possessed I stepped forward to the fight of my life...yet again. Yep, I had been there before. The dragon was little then. But this time I was prepared.

My destination - Frozen, invisibility due to fog - 95% - The Indian Capital and it's neighboring areas. Tundra for me, brrr. Dude, it was REALLY COLD.

Think I'm exaggerating?? Umm..well..ok ya I may be...jus' a bit. ;-)

But really, sometimes It's great exaggerating when u talk about such places? Kinda builds up an appetite for an interesting read, no?

Ok, being short n' sweet, I was in Delhi and a few other areas around it, extending up to U.P. The cold was chilling to the bone and the 2 headed dragon that I spoke of earlier was the mighty Cold with it's death chill and heavy fog as its 2 heads.

You shuda seen the Fog...due visibility. Fog that made U recall all horror stories U may have ever heard. Never know wot mite pop up from the midst of that mysterious white cloud...especially when it surrounds u - 360 degrees.

I felt like a trapped animal but I knew I had to survive the chill. (exagg is fun, yo..). So I prepared myself to fight it as I put on my war-grab.

I put on 2 sweaters, a thick full-sleeves t-shirt, a jacket over it, monkey cap (my true identity revealed, dammit), an inner inside my jeans to protect my precious willy dilly and anmol ratans, jeans over it of course, a warm pair of socks and finally, shoes that I never took off.

War attire on I was able to hang on to dear life and live to write this post today. Heaters aren't that effective there mostly, u know. I bathed every alternate day...IF I thot I cud, otherwise all hail the mighty DEOs. By the way..Axe doesn't attract women...

I confess I'm not good with extreme climates. Very happy with temperate Mumbai, really. Works fine with me. Finally, the time came for me to travel back to my own heaven - Mumbai. The best place in the whole wide world...for me !

I don't care too much on wot people think about Mumbai, u know. I have my own logic and I'm sure it coincides with a lot of others. I don't care for debates on the topic either.

Mumbai is Home and Home is heaven. period.

So as I entered Mumbai..Mr Sun hit me with his warm rays that made my lips twist in the all powerful smile and my skin tingle. Had somebody been observing me that moment, he wud have definitely thot I was either bonkers or I was in love. Was neither (unfortunately).

I secretly whispered 'Thank you' to the Lord baove and took off my damned sweaters. I was free and happy again. I was back.

I am Back to...
My home - Mumbai, My heaven. I love U !!

Where's ur heaven ?

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Shalini George said...

U shud try thermals next time ;) Home is always heaven. Definitley prefer sun on my face to tundra.

Rashmi said...

overly exagerrated....its not that cold...u were just not wearing the right clothes....i stay n i know about it...logon ko daraya mat karo thru ur blog.......

Anand said...

Oyee Rash, 2 things -
1) I was in the neighbouring areas as well, not jus Delhi and 2nd..u are now used to it ..we guys comin' from temperate places can really tell.
and 3rd...exaggeration is fun ya.. lol..though wot I wrote here was not.
Love ur comments. Keep coming.

Stillness Speaks said...

I am hooked to your blog already! Don't mind my invasion of private space!! Damn!! You really write well!

Delhi is freezing cold. I agree with you hands down! The areas down south have no clue what winter means.. Been there done that too..Lived to tell the tale too! :-)

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