Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Sexy sardar..

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[This post is to showcase one of most popular characters on television that grew famous because of it's sheer simplicity and cuteness. This post is not intended to show anyone in poor light. It is a light hearted post, supposed to be taken that way. ]

Lemme take the opportunity to showcase my favorite Sardar to you.

THIS Sardar is HIP and happening. This Sardar has guts, glory, is frank and absolutely sexy. This Sardar is a born model.

Enter - SIMPOO - (Simpoo is a trademark - Star televisions).

Guys, be jealous.
Girls - take a deep breath...
Here are 2 of his 'women going crazy' poses.

Take it away SIMPOOji


Take me home babyyy

Ohhh Yeaaaa...


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