Friday, May 28, 2010

Being a Metro Sexual Male...

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I guess this post would prove that my thoughts lean towards the acceptance to what is popularly known as a "Metro Sexual Male". Well, at least it's worth looking into. After all, Men going to Beauty Parlors and Salons and taking care of their skin and body ain't so bad, is it?

Doesn't make any man less of a man in anyway, does it?

Yea, it does sound girly though. I mean, if tomorrow, one of my pals calls me up and says, "Hey dude, tomorrow's Saturday. How about if we get some manicure / pedicure done? Can you book an appointment in 'Rashmi ka Beauty Salon for HE' for us tomorrow?" ....


Naaaa....THAT is so Not happening. Hell No.

But this idea got me thinking on the "Why not?" way. So I figured the best way to begin with this is to begin with something that a man needs to be most comfortable with - his UNDERWEAR.

So, I surfed the good ol' NET and found some kool and chic lookin' pieces that I'm sure I myself would be wearing soon enough.

Check 'em out...yeh andar ki baat hai...

For Energetic Mondays: Spartan Undies for the fighter in you.

For Sexy Tuesdays: Making it HOT.

For Kool Wednesdays: Looks matter.

For Uberkool Thursdays: My favorite so far. For the Metro-Sexual male in you.

For weekend fore bringer Fridays: The tempting kool Hello-Kitty number.

For Party Hard Saturdays:The Red hot search for a kitty to dance with.

For Lazy Sundays at home: Something different yet chic in white.

Different color 'strokes'- For the emotional side of you.

When a woman shows you one, you wonder if she wants you to wear it or take it off. Women r confusing.

The trunk is added by the user. Wnk wnk*

Dear Lord, let this not be any man's future.

Yea, there were some real provocative and unwearable ones on the net too but I'd rather be practical than uncomfortable. Guys, What say?

BTW Ladies, how 'bout some opinion on if these would help us you... in some way.....?? :) :) !!

25 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

ankita mehta said...

hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha!!!!! You are a Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like "Rashmi ka beauty parlour for HE""!!!
It sounds darn funny!!!!!!!!! ohhaaaa! I had a good laugh!! Thanks Anand!!

Anand said...

Winky.. Lol. Ya imagine Rashmi ka Beauty saloon for HE? Yaaeekkksss...
Glad u had the laff n ur welcome. :)

Anand said...

HI Suffix, Wassup? Long time.
U like the collection eh? A lot on display thr. Which collection exactly? Lol

V Rakesh said...

Lol! Andy boi, drawing some inspiration from trends, eh? :)

Howdy pal? Am doing good, back in Ooty now! You in Mumbai?

Anand said...

Rak - Why not? Makes sense, no?
yea, me good. Ooty ur hometown? yep, Im in Mumbai. Come on over. :)

V Rakesh said...

Andy boi - of course! No harm in some groomin pal!

Yeah, Ooty is ma home town! With the summer peaking bad I'd rather not travel to Mumbai anytime soon! Maybe U shud consider a trip to Ooty!

Anya said...

very funny all :-)
But i like the hello kitty
yeahhhhh ....
Thanks for the smile today :-)

Imp's Mom said...

OMFG!!!! hahahaha rashmi ka beauty saloon!!!! more like rakesh ka beauty saloon hahahaha

seriously, men need to get manicure, pedicure n a facial done at least once in their lifetime..only then will u all knw what they have been missing out on.

and quite honestly, men do have boring inner wear...this makes it quite interesting.
And Hello Kitty seriously??? hahahaha

Anand said...

Impiee, Lol. I agree with u. men do hv boring underwear. Spicing it up a lil bit. A lil teaser makes for an interesting time, doesn't it?

But manicure n pedicure is taking it a bit too far.

Anand said...

Oh ur welcome Anya. :)
And yea, I like the hello Kitty number too. Im seriously thinking of buying it too. :)

Olya said...

Interesting topic, cute men, cute butts, cute underswear :)

Talking about helping you men to win us women goes far beyong underwear. But it is always good to deal with a man who takes care of his body and his dirty socks & no toilet sit up. lol The rest is the art of dating but it's a totally different topic. Maybe you should bring it up sometime in ur blog. :)

Anand said...

Cute eh Olya? :P
Hmm it surely is. Makes a difference.

I should write a post on art of dating? Art of dating? Art of makin' an ass out of myself maybe..but not the dating thing. Complicated. :)

ankita mehta said...

Anand should write a post on Art of making others laugh or smile!! Trust me Olya , he is the best at this art!!!

Olya said...

I believe you, Ankita! I've always appreciated such talent of his. :) But I think Anand should stretch his abilities a little more, I'm sure he'll be surprised himself once he tries. :)

Anand said...

Ladies, Stretch my abilities? Oh but I keep doin that all the time.

@Ankita, U think so? Art of making others laf? Lol, I wudnt knw where to begin except frm the middle.

sakshi said...

First of all I should thank my stars that I was born extra intelligent. I was tempted on a week moment to check your page while the husband was at home. Just saved my ass by saying "Honey was shopping for you"

Anand said...

Lol. Y wud it be trouble for u anyways? Nothing personal, is thr?

sakshi said...

Hmmm such a nice collection of clothes I must say. You have stopped your night surfing for XXX blogs or what? to keep ogling at men in sexy chaddi? Any ways your hard work and time does give immense pleasure to your female readers I must say ;)

Ps: Why do I have the feeling that you would look ultra sexy in that elephant chaddi for females? *runs*

Anand said...

Hahhaa.. maybe.

Nice collection of clothes????? Now whr the heck did u see "clothes"??? :)
Yea,no more porn surfing. Had enuff. Hey glad to cater to my female readers. More intense catering with my elephant uniform later. :)

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