Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apple Transparent I-Phone

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Apple Drroooolll on baby...

This baby is transparent and converts it's outer appearance according to the weather! Check it out..

8 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

ankita mehta said...

ha theek hai!! looks fab and sounds interesting!!!! I don't want it!! haat baar baar dhona padega everytime one touches it!! too fragile!!!! needs too much attention!! can't even express my anger over it!! nababa, na!! aakhir, its just a phone!!! baat hi toh karta hai!!!

Waitng for a transparent laptop instead!!

V Rakesh said...

Man! That's some technology! But, Andy Boi, I'd think twice before buying an Iphone4, heard they set U on fire - literally! :)

For me, the device is a Blackberry! I can't be happy without it!

Anand said...

It sure is something. Look, have faith...the initial stuff is usually experimentation...and slowly it improves.

Blackberry is ruling now but who knows wot they come up next....perhaps something like the above?? :)

Anand said...

Hi Latha, It's kool, isn't it? ya, ur rite. No end indeed.
Ur welcome here anytime.

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