Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jai ho, Indian Tourism..Jai ho...

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India is big on Tourism. Ya, Kashmir has become a war zone and is kinda lost in the game but I hope it picks up soon and things become calm and beautiful again.

We all have a general idea on what's goin' on there but it's beyond me on why it's taking unending whale years to resolve the issues. There is absolutely no excuse for it now. Our government seems helpless in it's efforts and no credible results have been borne yet. Wish we - the youth, collectively, could do something about it.Coming back to tourism though - I personally give big brownie points to our Tourism Bhai log for keeping up their efforts of showing a pretty picture of India to the World.

In-spite of having troublesome neighbors, in-spite of us going through hell from them, in-spite of us living in constant danger of internal and external terrorism, the people of the world somehow don't abandon they think nice about us. Isn't that great? And if that's not a sign of trust and protection that we offer, what is?

And in turn if we have their hearts, they will surely physically follow, wouldn't they?

Here's a fact...India is a dirty country and I mean filthy. Let's face the truth - dirt, muck, dust, things u don't wanna see, everywhere. Ours is NOT a clean country. Hygiene wise, we suck big time. Very shameful.

You step out of the country anywhere except a few Asian countries...and you will literally see heaven in terms of cleanliness. Whatever happened to Cleanliness is next to Godliness thingie? Oh ya I forgot, we aren't educated enough to know that or having ever read that. Education department guys, U listening??? Teachers, go punish them. Make then go stand against the wall and do sit ups.

So a little tip to the Tourism guys...if you somehow take care of the cleanliness factor.....yours will be the top rated department in the government with the highest of salaries ever. Think about that.

By the way...beautiful Woman Julia Roberts - Congratulations on becoming a Hindu. We all liked you before but now we embrace you. Welcome in our hearts.

Me - Boooosttt is the secret of my energy...
Tourism Industry - OUR energy..
Sachin - Aiillaa...Go get it !!! :) :)

11 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

avdi said...

I agree. Not only is our country dirty, but the tourism sector is disorganized and tourists are harassed to no end. The fact that we GET tourists at all is amazing. I feel quite strongly about this as well/

Anand said...

We r on the same page Avdi. Change can come about... but only if there is more transparency in the ways our govt works.

avdi said...

Looks like a very unweildy job. But I hope it happens in our lifetime. We need to get houseproud about this.

R. Ramesh said...

hey buddy how doing ya? long time no c...good to c this post..ya like avdi says, the tourism sector is disorganized and tourists are harassed to no end..and my anger reaches the peak when i read stories of tourists being raped....raping a guest? wonder how to handle these monsters!!!

Anand said...

Ramesh babu..Ki bochi? Inna perenna? (I hope that was right :) )
Hosts Raping guests. Hmm U know..I believe the purpose of some people to be born is just to become live examples for others on what not to do in life. Once that purpose is served, their second purpose begins....making dal rice for the rest of their lives in Jail. And life moves on.

Tanvi said...

Hey andy...

Finally a post...Welcome back buddy... Tourism...hmm..Well, i guess the aamir ad of Atithi Devo bhava would only work with people with consciences. Just like the dirt in city / country, our inner conscience is taken for granted.

Anyways good luck to your friends in our city, where chaos also seems

ankita mehta said...

India is truly incredible... We should retain her glory by being instruments of change in our own little way. Hope to practice "Athithi devo bhav" not only in letter but also in spirit!:) Tanvi, you said the right words lady:)

Verdict: Anand is back with a bang!!

Anand said...

@Tanvi...hey Thanx bud. ya finally. Feels good.

"Where Chaos seems organised".

Wow. I LIKE that line. well said. :) Loved the comment.

Anand said...

Selfiee....Absolutely. I agree. Some places, the efforts show.
Well, I played host to Olga and her friends....and I think I rediscovered India when I was explaining things to her and friends. U can chk the pics on FB. ;)

Well..As I see it..Ms Roberts is one lucky lucky person.

Anand said...

@Ankita..."instruments of change ourselves"....very good use of words and ur rite too.
Bang ka pata nahi..but I'll try to be post at regualr intervals.

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