Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Twitter Movie - Ali ka Ele

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Movie Made by Twitter Handle @Yeh_kya - The Twitter Elephant !!

Welcome. Grab some popcorn. Settle down.

First, a brief foreword about the movie you are about to watch.

This movie is just a 10 minute "Read flick". This does NOT stretch to the regular 2.5 / 3 hours. A unique idea, it's been dubbed as the 10 lines-140 characters project. In short - "10/140".

The concept of this 10/140 flick is this -
Movie restricts itself to 10 lines only.
Movie restricts itself to 140 characters only in each line.
Movie to have Indian masala and be short and sweet.
No use of religion, politics or scandals.

This 10/140 has been given the "K" certificate. K= Kool. By who? Kindly don't ask. ;D

You are requested to put your imagination to full use. Your movie will begin the moment you begin reading Line 1 and will end the moment you are done reading Line 10.

So, without much ado - Presenting to you...the first production of the 10/140 flick that goes by the name - Ali ka Ele.

Directed and produced by @Yeh_kya
All rights reserved by @anandd29 and @yeh_kya

10 by 140 "Ali ka Ele" Starring -

Ele - Toy Elephant - The Twitter Elephant @yeh_kya
Ali - Cute Boy - 5 years old
Dad - Ali's dad
Raza - Bad boy/thief/Ali's schoolmate
Rita - Raza's mom and a bar Dancer
kalia - Diamond Smuggler
Police - Sundry low paid actors
Bar owner - Sundry low paid drunk actor

Let's begin.
Lights off...! Enjoy..

"Ali ka Ele"

(Back ground Voice)This is the Story of a lucky Boy who lost his toy elephant and when he found it back, he found himself richer.


Line 1.Cute boy Ali. On his 5th Bday, dad presents him with a Cute toy Elephant 'Ele'. Ele becomes Ali's most priced possession in d world.

Line 2.Ali takes Ele to school whr his frnds love Ele too. Raza likes Ele/decides to steal it. Aftr school he flicks Ele n runs away. Ali cries.

Line 3.Raza takes Ele home n shows it to his mom Rita, who is a Bar dancer/diamond smuggler.She thinks this toy is gud for smuggling diamonds.

Line 4.She cuts open Ele's belly/puts diamonds in it/sews it bk n' tks it to the bar to dance n meet a smuggler-kalia to exchange it fr money.

Line 5.In the Bar-Rita dances in disco lights."aaa,jaane jaan..ah ah" while eying Kalia.Kalia is Mucchad wit an eye patch.He winks at Rita to cm to him.

Lights brighten. Screen fades
Lights dim. The Screen erupts back on

Line 6.Bk at schul,frnds tell Ali dat Raza has Ele.Ali tels dad who gos to Raza's home n asks him.Scared Raza says Mom hs Ele bt hs gone to work.

Line 7.Dad Goes to Bar/spots Rita with Kalia givin Ele to him. Dad confronts n demands Ele bk. Kalia whips out a pistol,points it at dad n says..

Line 8."Main Kalia hoon Saaliya.yeh le"n shoots.Dad ducks n Punches Kalia=Bishoom. Rita shrieks n flees. Kalia n dad fight-aa-bishoom,aa-bishum.

Line 9.Kalia is punchd out.Police raid bar.Kalia/Rita arrestd.Dad gts Ele bk home.Ali happy bt notices sewed Ele-belly.Opens it to find Diamonds.

Line 10.Dad Happy with Diamonds. Ele sewed bk. Ali happy. Villains in Jail-Police/Bar happy. Ali n' Ele live happily ever after ! :)

The End. Lights ON.

@yeh_kya speak - Thank you for watching my Movie. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it. Plz do comment so I know what you thought about the whole experience. I'd be greatful. Say Hi to me on twitter.
And thank you Anand for your generosity for letting me use this space.

@anandd29 speak - Thank you for watching the movie. Thanx @Yeh_kya, I liked your concept. It deserved a clap. Bring it on and keep rocking.
Everybody thank you for watching. This way come again. :)

Movie reporters surround you and ask YOU as you leave the venue -

"Sir, sir, could you plz tell us how the movie was? Did you like the concept?"
"Ma'am, did you like the fact that this was a very short movie and that your time was saved?
Were you entertained? How was the fight?
what did you liike the best?"
"Sir, ma'am, would you like more of such movies?"

Do comment.

"No Cows were harmed in the making of this movie". More movies are now in production...

39 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

yeh_kya said...

Thanx Sakshi. Your comment is like a priceless rose thrown at me. Caught. :)
I will.

ankita mehta said...

And the Oscar goes to Ali ka Ele:) National award for the best movie goes to Ali ka Ele:) The filmfare critics "best film " goes to Ali ka Ele:)
The stardust best director goes to@Anandd29 and @Yeh_kya:)

Heinji sirji Mujhe aap apni agli film mai le lo Anandji lelijiye na please:) (hehe) Enjoyable and I want an Ele too:)

Anand said...

Hi Sakshi, Sounds good. Retaining Yeh_kya to write more.
Thanx for your encouraging comment.

Anand said...

Wanderer_ish....acchi thi na? :) More to come. Watch for it. Thanx for commenting.

Anand said...

Hey Anki...How do do do do? Thank u dank u. All to Yeh_kya. :)
Most encouraging Comment yet. A small but a good entertainer,no? :)

You will be recommended by me. Pakka. haha.

ankita mehta said...

Entertainment is never small:) Entertainment is just entertainment my boy:))

Hainji, pakkaji, Thank you ji:))

Yeh_kya said...

Hi Adi, thanx. Glad u liked it. It is encouraging really.
Sure sure..Sequel is coimng soon.. :)

Yeh_kya said...

Wanderer_Ishie yo...Thank you thank you. Achhaa laga na?
I remember ur tweet to me. Sequel jaldi pakka. :) :) Bus apni daya rakhna mujh par.hehe

Yeh_kya said...

Ankitaaa....Thank you. Its so overwhelming. 3 HUGE awards to me?? Wow. If only this was a real BIG screen movie and if only you were one of the selectors. Wow. :) :)

But much much thank you. Real happy u liked it. If you are on Twitter, Come over and say hi to me thr. :)

ankita mehta said...

Hey yeh_kya:) You deserve it:) I really liked it:) You are welcome:) I am not on twitter so I 'll say hi to you here:)

Yeh_kya said...

Hi, thanx Yashu. Soon it will happen. new Flick is in production already. :)

anubha said...

Wow..Nice Cute Hathi....:D loved it...der aaye par durust aye hum..:D

yeh_kya said...

Heyy...Dreamer...Thank you so much. Ur cute urself. Love ur tweets. :)

Irfan said...

Wow wow wow man ur very talented person and very fun loving the way u did it when others watch it will bring a laugh on their face surely and there is a story to in the movie i am seriously saying try to make few more movies i really loved it and had a good laugh dont mind for this comment u deserve more than this good creativity dude

Irfan said...

Wow wow wow man ur very
talented person and very fun
loving guy i think the way u presented it super when
others watch ur twitter movie it will bring a
laugh on their face for sure and
there is a story to in the movie i am seriously saying try to
make few more movies like this i really
loved it and had a good laugh while reading err sorry when watching it
dont mind for this much big comment of mine i wanted write more. Finally i want 2 say waiting for ur next movie ignore my first comment so many typos in that


Dear Ele,

i thought wen i 1st read the movie ke ispe comment karne ke liye i need to be totally in my senses coz this is the awesomest fantabulaciasiost(my own creation) super emotional movie..i think it will take all oscars for next year..seriously i read it 3 times. and must say your movie describes ele's big heart. thanks for the super entertaining movie. and keep writing good stuff. god bless you.

Kanika(chunmun) said...

My dear Ele,

First of all i dont know what to say movie end hote hi mere to tears gir pade hehe. speechless!!
mje Ali ka no. mil sakta hai?? kitna adorable kid hai..and now for writer/director/producer yeh_kya u r a lovable elephant jo ke itna creative bhi hai. sorry bt i shared your movie with some of my friends.n they r your fans now...Thumbs up for Ali ka Ele.

Yeh_kya said...

@Irfan - Thank you so much. Thank you for your comments and I appreciate your encouragement. Really glad you liked the movie and it bought a smile on ur face.
Think you for watching it. :)
Yes, new movies r being made. Soon you will see more of them. Thanx again buddy. :)

yeh_kya said...

@Prateek - Thank you so much...especially for going thru it 3 times. :) Very encouraging words of urs. Ill be out with a new one soon. You are invited to watch it. I'll announce it on Twitter.
Say hi to me on Twitter. Thanx again. :)

Yeh_kya said...

@kanika - haha.. Ali is nice, isnt he? :) Thank you so much. I hope ur friends liked it too. Thanks again really. Im encouraged by your comment, sweetz. :)

Anand said...

Yeh_kya buddy...When u making a new flick btw? C'mon rock some more, eh? Everybody seems to want more of it now. ;P

yeh_kya said...

Haha... Mr RJ, U already know the story. U know it will be out soon since you are helping me out on it. :)

yeh_kya said...

Thanks Sparsh. Im glad you enjoyed and thanks more so for letting me know.
Watch for more to come pretty soon. :)

100% Devil Ψ(╰_╯)σ said...

Ele really yaar..its d best movie I had ever seen oops watched oops read...hahahha whatever...really..while reading it I felt like I am watching it in theater...Awesome yaar.... Fab <3

Yeh_kya said...

Hey Devil, thank you so much. Im glad you liked it. have you seen the next one yet? the post is up.

Ele said...

Hey Chhavi, Thank you so much. Glad u liked it. I hope u have seen the next one too. :)

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