Monday, December 12, 2011

The BOOM - The 2nd Twitter Movie

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Movie Made by Twitter Handle @Yeh_kya - The Twitter Elephant !!

Hi, I'm @Yeh_kya - the Twitter Elephant.

You might have come across my trolling Tweets. Although, I am an elephant, I'm nimble on my toes and jump from handle to handle all over twitter, poking my Trunk in everybody's business. Fortunately, nobody minds it and those who do are nice enough not to say it. Wheww.. :)

Ok, well, This is my SECOND Masala Movie "The BOOM" based on Twitter limitations of 140/10. Where the story stays within 10 LINES and no line exceeds more than 140 characters.

In case you haven't seen the 1st one - here it is. Do check it out - Ali ka Ele.
I felt encouraged with my Timeline and my friends and their comments on 'Ali ka Ele'. So I decided to go on a 2nd venture of a similar kind...only better this time. And thus was born - The BOOM'.

While the 1st one was just a 'Read it' flick, this one has Audio-Visuals for effect..and a nice little moral at the end. :)..all the while still sticking to the 140/10 concept.

Since I believe creative content is king especially if decorated with simplicity, you will find the movie pretty simple yet interesting enough to keep you hooked till the very end (or so I have been told). And if you do reach the very end with a satisfying smile on your face, I would consider my work a home run success !! Super Duper HIT !! :) Your comments would only be cherry on top.

So...GRAB some POPCORN...Settle Down !

You are REQUESTED to Put your Imagination to full use. Your movie will begin the moment you begin reading Line 1 and will end the moment you are done reading Line 10.

So without much ado - Presenting to you...the 4 minute 04 seconds flick that goes by the name:
"The BOOM"

Don - Age around 45 - dad to a daughter
Lisa - Don's 15 year old daughter.
Masked Men - Sundry low paid actors
Train passengers - Extras

Directed and produced by @Yeh_kya
Story Boarding by @anandd29, @dark_gal, @Yeh_kya
All rights reserved by @anandd29 and @Yeh_kya

Turn the VOLUME FULL BLAST. Enjoy !!

If you're not able to view it here for some reason - Here's the YouTube link - The BOOM (YouTube)

Do Comment so I know what you thought of it. :)

[This post (movie) is just a creative effort. This is not a money venture. The audio used in this movie has not been made by either the owner of this blog or by Twitter handle @Yeh_kya.]

53 Spoke their mind: yep, makes a difference !!

anubha said...

hats off to your creativity...You are too good Ele.. Thanks for making me smile..:) Loads of love for dear Hathi.. :)

Unknown said...

Now i got to knw k itna promotion kyu ho raha tha? Bt seriously itz so good that it nvr needed a promotion to b a big hit. Movie with a message n awsm screenplay n sound effects. A big thanx n lots of love to the twitter ele...

Yeh_kya said...

Anubha..Thank you so much. Im encouraged and since ur the first one to comment, U will always be in my mind. :)
And I hope ur smile remains. :)

Yeh_kya said...

heyy..Kanika...:) Thank u, thank u So much. I hope u liked it n u were entertained.
Love u back...:)

Rhea said...

Awwww me luvs ur new flick Ele.. Awesomness!!! Enjoyed it with my coffee..hehe.. Luved the msg and the background score as well.. so u r soon-to-b-director now ehh?? Cheers to many more of such cool flicks :)))))

Rhea said...

Awwww me luvs ur new flick Ele.. Awesomness!!! Enjoyed it with my coffee..hehe.. Luved the msg and the background score as well.. so u r soon-to-b-director now ehh?? Cheers to many more of such cool flicks :)))))

Yeh_Kya said...

Reah....So much encouragement. Maybe I shud put 'soon to be director' in my Bio now eh? hehe
hey, thank u so much. Im so glad u liked it. :)

Rashi said...

No doubts that I loved the muvee completely...indeed kept me held till the end...a great take-home message is what I loved about this short film...nice story. Good work Ele..keep it up! Also, I was THRILLED to see your name as the creative director in the end plus our Ele's floating picture also!! :D

ankita mehta said...

Wowwwwwwww the title 'Boom' is so apt as this short piece of crisp, hard hitting and message oriented creative effort is worth an applause:)Kudos to the entire team :) How well it is said that good things come in small packages and brevity is the soul of wit and this film validates these statements to the core.. Should be showcased on the national as well as international platform. I loved the background score and the song in the end as well..... In nutshell: Paisa vasool:)

Yeh_kya said...

Rashi...Thank u so much.
Ya the floating picture...I wanted ppl to know who was the one behind that idea.
Thanx for the comment. ;)

yeh_kya said...

Ankita... I cant tell u how encouraging your comment is. I will let my team know. Dark_gal helped me and thanx to The Blog owner RJ for this space n so much creativity.
National and International I wish.. :):) But cant really cuz the music score is not mine. It has been picked up frm the net itself.
Thanx again Ankita... Im really glad u liked it and were entertained. :)

Anand said...

Dear Elephant,
The Movie Rocks BIG time. I notice all these comments and I feel grt to know this space is being used for some good creative stuff. My space is always available for more such creative endevours.
@Dark_gal - Good stuff. :)

The YouTube upload was a good thing too. Let the world see it.

Congratulations for a good job done. Im proud to be a part of it.

akanksha said...

Ele .... ur previous written story and this new version story ... loved both of them completely... short n simple with not even a single dull moment... great goin dude... bot aagey niklega.. loued it and now *i am all smiles*... :)

100% Devil Ψ(╰_╯)σ said...

hahahaha nice movie ele....specially that few second of sound after moral ;))) lolz

Keep it up buddy... ;)))

Chulbuli27 said...

Watched this flick n luved it... :)))) a great message in the end.. luved the backgrnd score as well.. A soon-to-b-director :D ... Cheers!

RimsCK said...

awesome background score, believe it or not exceeds expectations, leaves you with a good feeling. damn interesting story with a twist. definitely will look out for more of your work !

Yeh_kya said...

Anand...thanx a lot. Due credit to u as well. U did a lot more than u say u did. Yep..a lot more comin up. :)

Yeh_kya said...

Akansha...thanks a lot. I tried. Glad u liked it n enjoyed it. :)

Ele said...

100% Devil.....The best part I liked is that 100% devil himself thot that the moral made sense. Lol. :) Thanx a lot bud. Appreciate it. :)

Yeh_kya said...

Chulbuli....Love u on twitter. Loved ur comment here. Thanku so much for encouragement. ;)

Yeh_kya said...

Rims....Thanx a much as that tea Cup of urs. hehe.
Im on for more. Love. :)

Unknown said...

I could not pre-empt that you were delivering a message that deep. Keeps you hooked! Liked the score and the tweet style narrative. Innovative to the core!

Unknown said...

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